Getting further with my skincare regime..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I need it really badly, after a hell load of busy work today..

Didn't know cashiering is so tough, especially when you have a whole queue of people waiting for you to key in their orders. SO TOUGH!

My eyes are half drooping as I'm typing right now.. It's practically burning and I can just faint anytime right now. I didn't even take a nap this afternoon because after work, I went to Plaza Singapura with my colleague Samantha.

She bought a DMK sandal because they're having an offer now!!
I also sort of psychoed her into buying it because she didn't even buy anything at all..

I bought a eye mask, a pair of eyelashes (i already have 4 new and unused), camera tripod and a holder.

I'm SO tired..
Probably if I've got enough energy, I shall go and jog tomorrow. (Seriously, don't take my words because I'm 99% positive I will not wake up that early to move my limbs vigorously)

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