My big pores :'(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Okay, just in case you're wondering what I'm up to these few days..

To be honest, I'm not doing anything at all. Everytime after work, I'd be dead tired and all I want to do is to just lie down on my bed and sleep.. Talking about work, I'm a bit frustrated at something!

I was appointed to do the cashiering job but I screwed it up :(

Because there was this customer who kept on changing his orders! Despite me keying in his order, he will take a look at the menu again and say, "Okay, give me this. Forget about the previous one."

And I kept on changing until the whole system got error!! And I think my boss was a bit pissed off with me.. :(


Anyway, 2 days ago I went to Watsons to get some necessities.
I can say that Watsons is one of my favourite stores because they always have discount and there are so many pretty things to look at! Hehehehe :)

I bought a Biore pore pack too, because recently I've noticed that I've got BLACKHEADS!! I don't know where it came from, but IT'S DISGUSTING.

Looks pretty professional with the close lookup of the dirty yellowish greeny impurities..

I put it to test and I had to wet my nose and align the pore pack in place. 
When I peeled it off, the pain was excruciating! PAIN LIKE SHIT! (I thought I saw hair on it) 

Sadly, the blackheads still remain on my nose and my pores ARE ENLARGED NOW.

 To hell with pore tightening that it has stated on the cover.. Argh.
More like pore enlarging!!

Anyway, last weekend my daddy drove us to Queenstown Shopping Centre!

I spent $15 on a lot of small little accessories :)
I bought a pair of eyelashes, a pair of earrings and a really pretty and sweet beige flower hairclip!

Not only that, I also pierced my left ear!! It didn't hurt at all, even though it was quite near the bone because it was supposedly to be my third hole for my left ear..

Don't wanna take a picture of my ear because it's pretty camera shy. YES IT SAID SO.
A illustration will do the job! Hehe :)

I wasted my money on a bottle of lotion because the person was SO sure I could probably get an infection someday -_- I fell for her business trick during that moment! zzzz.

While I spent such a miserable amount at Queenstown shopper centre, my brother spent a whopping amount of $300++!!

Guess what he spent it on? Oh wait, he didn't even spent his own money. It was my father's money actually.

And my father just paid for it without hesitation or anything!!

Back then when I wanted to get a new handphone, he was SOOOO reluctant and took so many weeks to consider about it.. 

I pouted throughout the whole trip back home, then my father said, "Okay la, you want to buy what??"

"The bag at Queensway."
"How much?"
"Approximately 45."
"Okay lor."
"We're already at PIE then you say that!!"

 It's okay, I'm 17 (Fine, TURNING 17) and a few more years down to adulthood. Learn to be more self reliant and independent okay!!

When we got back, my brother immediately installed the Wii and my father and him spent the whole night playing it..

I'm positive that a few years later, this machine will end up at the back of the storage room, with thick layers of dust and probably some algae on the remote control..


 I have a sudden craving for Eu Yan Sang's herbal jelly.. Yummy :P 

I only get to eat it when I was down with fever and cough! Mummy went to Bugis and bought it for me because it's cooling and good for health.
If I ain't sick, this is probably what she'd shoot at me with if I were to tell her I want to eat that, 

"Earning your own money what, go buy yourself la!"


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