Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have to have a more mature perspective in many aspects of my life..

But there're certain things I can't control in life.


A walk down along memory lane

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I feel as if secondary school hasn't really officially ended yet..
Yesterday when I was taking 358 and I passed by PRCS, I felt so.. emotional!!

I don't know..
4 years of memories, experiences, friendships all started in the heart of PRCS.
I've met many awesome friends in that school, and I'm glad I entered PRCS :)

Even though there were bad memories, there were even MORE good and pleasant memories that made us forget all of our unhappiness!

We've been through thick and thin together, and been there for each other during our unhappiest moments..

We'd all share a good laugh over the lamest and silliest thing, and get angry with one another over the smallest thing. (Though we'd all reconcile the next day)

Well, a walk down memory lane, shall we? :)

This day was like the sexiest day of our lives at town man

I chose to upload this because it is so funny!! Look at our unprepared faces

National day.. and I was complaining to Thadshayiniy I didn't have a red shirt!! Haha

Jiale and me.. Our favourite machine whenever we meet!
Haha and we can take a lot of neoprints together :)

Torturing and embarassing Amos with our gorgeous faces at the library HAHA!

Thadshayiniy's birthday! her hokkien mee and meiji drink!

Weifeng treated us to candyfloss!!

Look at their hairstyles. Hahaha! Are you wearing the same shirt again, weifeng?

.Melanie's birthday! Cosmosine party! "We're gonna bring sexyback.. yeah!"
.I submitted the nuffnang blog entry really late.. but it's okay, because both of us had the wildest time of our lives!

Playing among themselves

They looked so different at that time!!

LOL -_-

Eddy's birthday! And he's surrounded by girls.. What a lucky fella!


Leon's birthday! :D

National Day frenzyy

4/5's class BBQ!

PEACEEEEEEEEEEE. (Except for amos)

Tongues outt

Haha, I was and am still a camwhore.. See my victim beside me ;)

Leon lee in the spotlight la.. Since its his birthday!

Erm... HAHAAH!!

Yummy.. Strawberries!

Out to town with Thadshayiniy!!

Laughing like mad women in the taxi.. surprisingly the taxi driver didnt kick us out!

Sitting by the side of Singapore river at Boat Quay

Disturbance hehehe


PRAWNING!! Yan mae's so brave huh..

10th Anniversary!! SO FUNNNNN :)

My CCA den. Goodness I still hate that place

I miss you guys man...

I MISS YOU LIU JIAWEN. Still keeping the letter you wrote to me on my
birthday 3 years back!! :D

Outing with Mrs Ong.. Hehe ;)

4/5 - BANZAI!!

Jessie Tan's 17th birthday at Orchard! Hehe :)

The guys with Mrs Ong :)

And there was Prom Night, with beautiful candles and decoration put up by our lovely teachers..



With Terence who looked quite handsome on Prom Night.
(Only prom, HAHA JUST KIDDING! :D)

As usual!


A rare sight.. Look at the teachers partying so crazily!!

With Ms Chua who removed my splinter for me on Aces Day :P

GINA!!! :D

And yes...

I miss every single moment we've all spend together with one another..

1/7, 2/7, 3/5 and 4/5!!

Even as we go through different phases of our lives in the future, the memories will always be kept in our heart until the day we die :)

Well... I will always remember all the happy memories and the awesome friends that I've had in PRCS. Okay.. stop being so emotional..........

................. AND YOU KNOW WHAT?

I think I look prettier last time. :(



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Never would I thought my schedule will be like so packed after my first day in TP.

Not kidding.
I was so not looking forward to school after the horrendous camp, but somehow everything just falls into place and ta-daa! Busy Gladys..

Oh and btw, my class has got another Gladys too!! HAHA and her actions are very funny and cute!

My class is very bonded, and within a week we've been out together for 2 class outings!!

I mean, we don't have to do much thing and I think we're all already quite close..
Easy to relate to each other and stuffs!

Next week is going to be even more packed for me.
Badminton, Outing to giant, pool.. Goodness!

I'll try to bring my camera and snap a few shots if I can!


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Goodness, it was the most boring camp I've ever attended. Hello?!
Super stuffy and hot and argh!!

Yes, the cheers are good and all but I don't really think the atmosphere is really there..
You know, the ones who are going through all that fun was actually our synergy leaders! (SLs)

Classmates wise, I think they're quite okay la..

But my definition of fun is DEFINITELY NOT this.

Not sure whether to blog about this, but I'll blog it anyway..

On Friday, during the camp I went to the toilet to wait for Thadshayiniy to collect her bag. (so we could leave early HAHA)

When I opened the door, I was shocked to see this erm, person inside so I double checked if I've entered the correct toilet. Okay, no mistake, that was the girls' toilet.

So I said to her, "Erm, this is a girls toilet...?"

I really regretted saying that.......

She looked quite pissed and suddenly tighten her shirt and pointed at her chest, "Eh I got this."

I think my whole face turned red and I kept apologising and left the toilet without peeing.

Btw, we've gotten our matriculation cards!!
How cool right?

It's like a card that gives you access to TP's facilities and many privileges!!

Okaay I think my hair looks a like a broom here -_-

My friend, Jeannette was complaining to me about her matric card that she look like a serial killer.. But I told her she looked more like an indonesian maid to make her feel better? (At least better than a serial killer I suppose)

HAHA!! I told her I was just kidding :)

Thadshayiniy and I used our matric card to go to TP's library..
In the video, it looked so exciting and fun and adventurous but turns out to be quite.. erm dull.

Anyway, I found a book left somewhere in the shelves and after reading the summary I decided to borrow it!

I was so engrossed in ths book for the entire day!!

It's a TRUE story by a girl called Bibish and she's gone through the hardest times in life that haunts her for life..

She was raped mercilessly at a desert at the age of EIGHT you know?!

And at the age of 12, she was raped AGAIN by 3 men this time!!

And in the religious village she was living in, she was considered as shameful and brought disgrace to her family because of her passion for dancingn and the fact that she wasn't a virgin anymore.

Anyway, she met a great guy and they got married!

Khiva girls look like this :

I think they're really beautiful, with a mixture of Western and Asians features..

But you can try googling Khiva..
They still have the ancient walls and buildings, like the city in the cartoon movie, "Aladdin."

Okay, I really have to stop here.
I'm going to the cemetery to visit my deceased paternal grandfather and I'm running late!!!!!!!!

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