So much things have happened

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mum and I had a long talk the night before. We talked about practically anything -- dating, boys, giving birth etc.

"Have you gotten sad over a relationship before when you were at my age?"

"Yes, but only a week or so."

She was definitely a player man.. LOL!!
She said she had a variety of choices to choose from, and since we're young, why don't we just enjoy the process? Because it takes time to see who are the true ones around you..

It may be just infatuation, or anything.

She's right.

This is a wake up call.

So much things have happened during the past few weeks..

Yet I have not uploaded so many photos!

It's been ages since I went jogging, I must keep in shape!!
So, jogging later :)


Fate brought us together as classmates. Out of so many people in the world, fate brought 24 of us together in 1B12. After our freshman year, I really have no idea when we will have the chance to be together as a class again. Complete. So we really have to cherish whatever we have, right now.

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