Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On Saturday, met Justin and Matin to do CSA project (I'M SO SORRY I WAS LATE :() at downtown east before meeting Thadshayiniy and her mother for Blood Pledge!

The content was pretty good, because it was about these few girls making a suicide pact together, and there was a whole story behind Eun-young's death.

The SUDDEN sound effects and appearance of the ghost keep making everyone in the cinema scream/murmur among themselves. So fking noisy can! Some even laughed at some serious scenes -_-

Well, the movie didn't end that late so I wasn't that AFRAID to go home by myself. Hehe :)

On Monday, our class was supposedly to have a CLASS 1-for-1 lunch at Swensens. Turns out that LESS THAN 1/4 of us turned up for it. Nevertheless, it was still fun! The food is like the sex mannnn.

So tempted.. Nowadays, I don't really care what I put into my mouth anymore. It makes me really pissed off when I don't get to eat something I want so badly!! I used to envy girls with skinny bodies. Now, I feel that they look like nothing but ANOREXIC shitz.

At least I'm not enormous. I don't look I'm suffering from anorexic either. Just perfect :)


Sorry, girls just love to camwhoreeeee.

We went back to school's student lounge to chill out there as Jeannette had TPSU duties.
Omgosh, they had new game machines such as the hockey thinggy and dart!

Well, we borrowed Taboo which was SUPER funny because all of us had a enjoyable time guessing the actions Raudha was doing!

And not to mention, I pwned Jane and Matin in the hockey game, but YAN YING WON ME.
WALAO, another rematch soon hor!!

We bought the ribbons on our hair from a blogshop's pushcart at the business school's entrance. Super prettyyyyy~ I LOVE.

Anyway, I got 2 warning letters from the school. Can you believe it? WITHIN A FREAKING MONTH. It was purely because I missed school as I was in Malaysia.

My friend was like telling me, "Wa.. your third letter you will get an ungraded pass!"
I was like, "OMGOSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

BUT there was one occasion I had to attend my BSG investiture which was held in school. SO important lor! The teacher just marked me as absent and thus, the warning letter.
Faggot la -_-

Well so far, school's been pretty good. Tomorrow i've got CSA presentation and I'm told to wear smart casual. What the hell is smart casual anyway?! -_-

Oh whatever. Sports club after that! (Even though I didn't sign up for Sports Club, shhh)
Playing captain's ball tomorrow from 6pm to 9pm. So excited cannot waitxzxzxz!

Before I end this post, I wanna say that......................

I miss secondary school + recess + our PRCS teachers + our schoolmates + our fish pond + yellow form (if we're late) + getting caught for fringe + skipping P.E + eating in class + attempts to skip remedials + assemblies + school song and I miss 4/5 VERY THE MUCH! Time flies TOO quickly :(

In all the photos I've uploaded in the post, I used lomo effects. Mad prettyyyyy. I know.
Gives me a vintage-y feeling :-)

Presentations = Hell. What a huge relief now!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last week was super busy with projects, projects and projects.

Luckily, we brought our cameras and started taking many many photos! :D

This was our first presentation of that day, Microecons!

Add caption

This was our POM project and I started to memorise the script on that morning itself! Luckily we came early :)

After our POM presentation, we had our captain ball's game, in which I was part of the referee team so I get to judge for the game! HAHAH.

It was a tiring day after our presentation, but since we were freshmen, we have to learn to enjoy our Freshman year! :)

 After the game, went to Macs to get icecream, hehe :)


Food for the soul

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't be so self conceited.
I no longer give a shitz. :)
Have it your way,
I don't care.
This is my life and I'm free to do whatever I want.



Seafood @ Changi Village.. Yum!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday Thadshayiniy and I went to Changi Village to get ourselves some SEAFOODFOOD!!

Life cannot get any better!

Throughout the bus journey, we were scared like mad when the bus went pass Old Changi Hospital -_-

I think the entire bus journey was like crazy -_- HAHAH!
After that, we settled at the food court and were SUPER tempted by the smell of the food..

Quickly placed our order and less than 10 mins, ta daa!


Within 15 minutes, this was the result :)

Clean and nice, we've actually helped the cleaners to "clean" the bowls too. Hehehe.
After gobbling down our food, we felt so wobbly and fat -_-


She kept on putting the lemon to her teeth.. Like those grannies with fake teeth HAHA

HAIZ. I am so glad I went jogging just now.
Can't believe I am like sooooooooo hell fat -_-

Anyway, on our way home, those assholes kept looking at us up and down. Must be thinking we are transvestites -_-

Hello, which part of us look like trans?!
Can't they hear us talking like normal girls?!

Damn shit.. Then Thadshayiniy suggested walking further up to the isolated bus stop..
I was so scared already then she pointed out to the posted, "Wil-! Your friend's name right?!"
"Er.. I think we should not talk about him now."

Then she burst out laughing like maddddd then I started laughing -_-
While crossing tthe road, we acted like some drunk asses laughing and crossing the road without even looking.

HAHA!! Super funny la..
She's someone who can reads me like a book and I love herrrrrrrrrr (Y)



Protect the ones you love

Sunday, July 11, 2010


It is the second most common female cancer in the WORLD, yet it is the ONLY female cancer women can prevent. More than 500,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year! (Don't think everyone are that lucky to escape from the clutches of cancer hor!)

Do you actually know that in Singapore, cervical cancer takes away the life of 1 woman EVERY 5 DAYS? Omgosh, I was shocked when I saw this on POCC.sg! (Power Over Cervical Cancer)

Seriously, I didn't know that!

As long you have EVER been sexually active, your risk had already long started that very moment. The risks are even higher for smokers..

Image: br3akthru

It can happen to a girl as young as 12 years old too. (As long as she'd been sexually active once/twice/thrice/one million times la)

Cervical cancer is found common in younger women nowadays, that actions have to be taken to protect the ones we love!

Even though I've never ever been sexually active, (Mind you, I'm only 16 going on 17 this year ok!) I really hope that bringing about this awareness and informing people I love around me will make a difference.

POCC is not just about protecting yourself, but it's also about the people you love around you :)

Recently, I visited a clinic and they had a poster put up which actually depicted a scene of a family wedding photo. The bride and the groom were at the back, while the father was sitting on the sofa. In the photo, it actually wrote "Mum, I wish you were here." The mother had supposedly passed away due to cervical cancer.

Can you see how cervical cancer can take away your loved ones?

That poster actually made me feel kinda sorry for people around the world whose loved ones have lost to the battle of cervical cancer. If they had manage to prevent it from the start,..................

Their loved ones can actually be there during their happiest moments,
be there supporting them when they fall,
going through every part of their lives together with them
and being there for them no matter what.

Don't come up with stupid excuses like "Oh it's fate" and loads of crap.
Even if it is fate, then BREAK IT! Wth I'm not going to lose my loved ones to something I could have done in the first place -_-

I cannot imagine life without the most important womon in my life - my mother.
And I'm sure that most of you would want to protect your mother, your older/younger sister(s) from something you can actually prevent from the start, wouldn't you?

After reading POCC, I am more determined than ever to NAG NAG NAG NAG at my mother / relatives/ grandmother to have regular pap smears!!! :P

For your information, there are no early symptoms to cervical cancer, so ACTIONS MUST BE TAKEN NOW. NOW!

What about you?


Power Over Cervical Cancer is a campaign that aims to make Singapore the country with the lowest incidence of Cervical Cancer and they need your help to spread the word.

Pledge your support for this cause and protect those you care about by telling them about Cervical Cancer. Together, we have POWER Over Cervical Cancer. Click the button below to begin!

Because you can make the difference in your own life, and your loved ones around you, starting from today.


Damn bored routinez

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camwhore hehe :D

It's projects after projects, isn't there anything else?!

How can people actually go out and partyyyy but excel at their studies at the same time?
I think it's mad and insane, especially for slow people like me.

Somehow, I think we all need to destress even though we've got several projects in hand.
For this week, I missed school on Monday due to investiture, and the following weekdays were mostly occupied by projectsss.

What the shit!!

Luckily, We all have a de-stress tool: CAMERA.
Hahahah :)

Jeannette's Macbook effects are mad niceeee. I like :)

Today, I woke up at 10am (ON A SATURDAY, YES) to prepare and meet Rachael at whitesands so we could catch a bus to Compasspoint @ Sengkang. Yes, practically it's all about projects!

I was looking at the directory then I missed the bus 89!!
So I had to make Rach wait for me.. Felt really bad :(

Compasspoint is having a fair i think!!
Omgosh, they're selling many different types of food which are soooooooo tempting. Surprisingly, there's PO.sh brownies too!!

I bought one without hesitation and immediately placed it in my mouth. Yummmmz!


The lovely people :D

Jane says that Jeannette and I look alike!


Seriously, Macbook's camera is like a substitute for the need of a camera. It's clear and has many great effects. You can see yourself while camwhoring tooooo. NICE!

Anyway, I'm off to do my mask nowwww :)
(These days I'm kinda conscious of taking care of my skin.. Must be in the process of turning into a woman soon hehehehe)


Won't tell anyone..

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand,
I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned,

Won't tell anybody how you turn my world around,
I won't tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound,
Won't tell anybody

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you,

I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I'll fall into you.

Just one of those days again:)

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