Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On Saturday, met Justin and Matin to do CSA project (I'M SO SORRY I WAS LATE :() at downtown east before meeting Thadshayiniy and her mother for Blood Pledge!

The content was pretty good, because it was about these few girls making a suicide pact together, and there was a whole story behind Eun-young's death.

The SUDDEN sound effects and appearance of the ghost keep making everyone in the cinema scream/murmur among themselves. So fking noisy can! Some even laughed at some serious scenes -_-

Well, the movie didn't end that late so I wasn't that AFRAID to go home by myself. Hehe :)

On Monday, our class was supposedly to have a CLASS 1-for-1 lunch at Swensens. Turns out that LESS THAN 1/4 of us turned up for it. Nevertheless, it was still fun! The food is like the sex mannnn.

So tempted.. Nowadays, I don't really care what I put into my mouth anymore. It makes me really pissed off when I don't get to eat something I want so badly!! I used to envy girls with skinny bodies. Now, I feel that they look like nothing but ANOREXIC shitz.

At least I'm not enormous. I don't look I'm suffering from anorexic either. Just perfect :)


Sorry, girls just love to camwhoreeeee.

We went back to school's student lounge to chill out there as Jeannette had TPSU duties.
Omgosh, they had new game machines such as the hockey thinggy and dart!

Well, we borrowed Taboo which was SUPER funny because all of us had a enjoyable time guessing the actions Raudha was doing!

And not to mention, I pwned Jane and Matin in the hockey game, but YAN YING WON ME.
WALAO, another rematch soon hor!!

We bought the ribbons on our hair from a blogshop's pushcart at the business school's entrance. Super prettyyyyy~ I LOVE.

Anyway, I got 2 warning letters from the school. Can you believe it? WITHIN A FREAKING MONTH. It was purely because I missed school as I was in Malaysia.

My friend was like telling me, "Wa.. your third letter you will get an ungraded pass!"
I was like, "OMGOSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

BUT there was one occasion I had to attend my BSG investiture which was held in school. SO important lor! The teacher just marked me as absent and thus, the warning letter.
Faggot la -_-

Well so far, school's been pretty good. Tomorrow i've got CSA presentation and I'm told to wear smart casual. What the hell is smart casual anyway?! -_-

Oh whatever. Sports club after that! (Even though I didn't sign up for Sports Club, shhh)
Playing captain's ball tomorrow from 6pm to 9pm. So excited cannot waitxzxzxz!

Before I end this post, I wanna say that......................

I miss secondary school + recess + our PRCS teachers + our schoolmates + our fish pond + yellow form (if we're late) + getting caught for fringe + skipping P.E + eating in class + attempts to skip remedials + assemblies + school song and I miss 4/5 VERY THE MUCH! Time flies TOO quickly :(

In all the photos I've uploaded in the post, I used lomo effects. Mad prettyyyyy. I know.
Gives me a vintage-y feeling :-)

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