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Sunday, July 11, 2010


It is the second most common female cancer in the WORLD, yet it is the ONLY female cancer women can prevent. More than 500,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year! (Don't think everyone are that lucky to escape from the clutches of cancer hor!)

Do you actually know that in Singapore, cervical cancer takes away the life of 1 woman EVERY 5 DAYS? Omgosh, I was shocked when I saw this on! (Power Over Cervical Cancer)

Seriously, I didn't know that!

As long you have EVER been sexually active, your risk had already long started that very moment. The risks are even higher for smokers..

Image: br3akthru

It can happen to a girl as young as 12 years old too. (As long as she'd been sexually active once/twice/thrice/one million times la)

Cervical cancer is found common in younger women nowadays, that actions have to be taken to protect the ones we love!

Even though I've never ever been sexually active, (Mind you, I'm only 16 going on 17 this year ok!) I really hope that bringing about this awareness and informing people I love around me will make a difference.

POCC is not just about protecting yourself, but it's also about the people you love around you :)

Recently, I visited a clinic and they had a poster put up which actually depicted a scene of a family wedding photo. The bride and the groom were at the back, while the father was sitting on the sofa. In the photo, it actually wrote "Mum, I wish you were here." The mother had supposedly passed away due to cervical cancer.

Can you see how cervical cancer can take away your loved ones?

That poster actually made me feel kinda sorry for people around the world whose loved ones have lost to the battle of cervical cancer. If they had manage to prevent it from the start,..................

Their loved ones can actually be there during their happiest moments,
be there supporting them when they fall,
going through every part of their lives together with them
and being there for them no matter what.

Don't come up with stupid excuses like "Oh it's fate" and loads of crap.
Even if it is fate, then BREAK IT! Wth I'm not going to lose my loved ones to something I could have done in the first place -_-

I cannot imagine life without the most important womon in my life - my mother.
And I'm sure that most of you would want to protect your mother, your older/younger sister(s) from something you can actually prevent from the start, wouldn't you?

After reading POCC, I am more determined than ever to NAG NAG NAG NAG at my mother / relatives/ grandmother to have regular pap smears!!! :P

For your information, there are no early symptoms to cervical cancer, so ACTIONS MUST BE TAKEN NOW. NOW!

What about you?


Power Over Cervical Cancer is a campaign that aims to make Singapore the country with the lowest incidence of Cervical Cancer and they need your help to spread the word.

Pledge your support for this cause and protect those you care about by telling them about Cervical Cancer. Together, we have POWER Over Cervical Cancer. Click the button below to begin!

Because you can make the difference in your own life, and your loved ones around you, starting from today.

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