Seafood @ Changi Village.. Yum!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday Thadshayiniy and I went to Changi Village to get ourselves some SEAFOODFOOD!!

Life cannot get any better!

Throughout the bus journey, we were scared like mad when the bus went pass Old Changi Hospital -_-

I think the entire bus journey was like crazy -_- HAHAH!
After that, we settled at the food court and were SUPER tempted by the smell of the food..

Quickly placed our order and less than 10 mins, ta daa!


Within 15 minutes, this was the result :)

Clean and nice, we've actually helped the cleaners to "clean" the bowls too. Hehehe.
After gobbling down our food, we felt so wobbly and fat -_-


She kept on putting the lemon to her teeth.. Like those grannies with fake teeth HAHA

HAIZ. I am so glad I went jogging just now.
Can't believe I am like sooooooooo hell fat -_-

Anyway, on our way home, those assholes kept looking at us up and down. Must be thinking we are transvestites -_-

Hello, which part of us look like trans?!
Can't they hear us talking like normal girls?!

Damn shit.. Then Thadshayiniy suggested walking further up to the isolated bus stop..
I was so scared already then she pointed out to the posted, "Wil-! Your friend's name right?!"
"Er.. I think we should not talk about him now."

Then she burst out laughing like maddddd then I started laughing -_-
While crossing tthe road, we acted like some drunk asses laughing and crossing the road without even looking.

HAHA!! Super funny la..
She's someone who can reads me like a book and I love herrrrrrrrrr (Y)


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