Gladen! I know already! God made us best friends because our mums couldn't handle us as siblings :(

Friday, August 13, 2010

That was what Thadshayiniy posted on my wall a few days ago. I was like, "Omgggggg. Hahah, so true!"

Apparently, both of us are alike in many ways regardless of bad/good habits. HAHAHA.

Anyway, my mother just told me something really freaky..
She told me during this 7th month, if I were to ever smell something unpleasant, don't say anything about it. In the newspaper, they reported that there was this pair of ge-tai singers (People who sing during the 7th month) and one of them smelled something bad and complained about it.

When she was going up to the stage, she felt that an unknown force was pulling her hand..

I recalled what Jane told me also..
She said that if there's an unpleasant smell, it means that it's a male ghost. However, something smells nice, it's a female ghost..

So freaky!
Haiz.. today is Friday the 13th and the beginning of 7th month, and guess what?

While we were going home, we got trapped in the lift!!
The lift stopped functioning.

I was so freaking scared that something supernatural will appear right at the back of the lift!! I tell you if that happens, I will die of shock right on the spot!

Normally, the door will open automatically, but it didn't!!

Faggot, I was totally panicking as we kept on pressing 4 but there was nothing at all.
Then I clicked open, and when the lift door opened, we were at 4th floor.. Like so weird..?

We didn't say anything until my mother said, "That was kinda scary."


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