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Thursday, August 12, 2010


On Tuesday, I met up with Jiale and Gina before I went to YOG Torch Relay @ held in TP.
It's been so long since I met them! (And Yan Mae and ChingHsia :()

I was wearing my hideous yellow biz shirt that made me perspire like madshit, arghhh.

We went to Tampines to eat BBQ chicken :)

Hehe, we talked about our school and about 7th month!!
Omgosh, the newspaper has reported that this year's 7th month is really fierce because 2010 is the year of Tiger.

So many people have been sending me chinese chain messages, but I'd just delete them without reading the contents. Going home after 7pm is no easy feat for me anymore because my imagination will run wild whenever I'm taking the stairs. HAIZ :(

Anyway, after BBQ chicken (which we were like damn full) we headed to Frolick for dessert..?
Haha, Jiale treated Gina and me because she's got the calendar!!
SO EXPENSIVE LOR WOMAN. But the way they design the entire book is like super nice!

OH YA!! Gina's got two 4 earholes now, 2 on both side! :D

After eating our frolick, we wandered around Tampines One and decided to use Jiale's new camera to take photos! (In case you're wondering, all these clear and gorgeous photos is from her new Samsung camera!)

Sian.. Don't know why my eyes are so small here -_-

I remember this was one of the favourite things we would like to do in secondary 1 or 2 when we're taking photos.. Stars!

After that, they accompanied me back to school as Jiale wanted to look around TP!
We took 69 back to Temasek poly :)

@ the back of the bus!

Went back to school for the YOG torch relay event and we actually spend about 2-3 hours waiting for them to run pass us within a few seconds. Haiz lucky I wasn't sunburned.

Yiming was telling me,

"You know ah, the bubblegum will stay in your body for about 7 years..."

There're so many reported cases of people choking and dying from bubblegum and that day when I'd swallowed the bubble gum, it was the first day of 7th month!!

Okay I'm very superstitious.

Anyway, I went to KBOX with Joelle Lyn Kaur today!! HAHAHAH!
I don't think the staffs will look forward to our next visit though. Hehe, shall update the next time! :)

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