"Pope Joan" by POCC!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

For your information, I pledged myself in POCC's website and guess what?!
(POCC stands for Power Over Cervical Cancer)
I won myself a pair of tickets to the premier screening of Pope Joan at Lido, Orchard!

Obviously, I invited my breast friend over to catch the movie with me!
In the train, her sandals tore so I took out some 'apparatus' to fix it. Walao she keep stapling the shoe! The people in front were like, "Woah.." HAHA!!

Once we (ran) reached there, there were pink booths set up and a BFF tree board!
There were many pretty pink goodie bags set aside for us too!

Went to redeem my tickets and got 2 goodie bags and a lady stepped forward to take a photo of us using her polaroid camera. So nice!!

The best part is the pink goodie bag...
Inside was..............


The Sticky candy had the word POCC on it, so cool right!
Yummy, and there were stuffs like: a pink bracelet, a bangle cum pen bracelet, a pink pen, a stick it, blogshop vouchers, BYSI voucher, underarm wax voucher (LOL), samples and many more!!

Then we took a polaroid photo......... :D

Before the movie started, we had a hard time CLIMBING into our seat area! Watch one movie must choose such a challenging and difficult place to sit.. Tsktsk!! I think we were such a disturbance to the crowd -_-

The movie lasted for 2 hr 30 minutes.
Well initially, both of us thought it was going to be a shitty boring movie, but it turns out to be super nice! It's about inequality between women and men back in the olden days in Rome, and there was this particular guy in the movie who made a STUPID comment,

"Women who read or write have a smaller womb."

So what?! A guy who reads or writes have a smaller manhood?!
Tsktsk, the ending was abit unexpected and a bit tragic.. Sigh :(

Walked around Orchard and decided to take MRT from Somerset..

Half lost, because Thadshayiniy was talking on the phone all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy bllahxzx blahzxz blahzx blahzxz..

Finally, she decided to PUT DOWN the phone, so started a LITTLE camwhoring..

Okay the other photo looks like shit so I'm not going to post it here.

While in the train............

Omgosh I really love the polaroid!!

I think today was seriously very fun. I like allll the stuffs inside our goodie bags, I like the movie, I like the polaroid, I like how the event was planned and I love my breastie :)


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