My life sucks truly, madly, deeply

Friday, September 03, 2010

Omgosh I've been feeling like CFS these few days.

CFS stands for..............

Feels so shitified for no apparent reason.

Fat= Haven't been jogging because of the 7th month. Okay that sounds stupid but it's damn scary to jog at night when THINGS are lurking out there..

Stressed= EXAMS NEXT WEEK. Hello?! I haven't even complete any subject yet. That makes my life suckier x 100. Yet if I don't study for that day, I will feel super damn uneasy. ARGH

Why can't the holidays be a little bit longer?
I want to shop till I drop, I wanna go sing karaoke, I wanna stayover at Thadshayiniy's house, I wanna do something new+ stupid + crazy + wild + out of the world.

My life just sucks.
I think I was much skinnier here :(

I need a break.
I need to reignite the spark back in my life.

I WANT TO LOOK LIKE ANGELABABY. (see previous post)
FYI: Not her BEFORE surgery photos -_-

Anyway I think I'm pmsing so yeah

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