The newspaper article on my dining table

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Well, my mother placed the chinese newspaper to prevent the table from getting dirty as she's been making popiahs for us the past few days. (Argh..)

Well, I saw this article "4 Things You Should Never Tell Yourself After A Breakup" and I thought I'd like to share it with my beloved readers :)

Okay la, I made it into a picture so it'd be like more attractive (like me~ JUST JOKING) heheheh. And also, partially because of all the "reblogging" of pictures of quotes from Tumblr. Oh well.

I think it's like so true la.

So those people who're still going through the after effects of a bad breakup, don't look back and reminisce the past anymore.

Afterall, it IS good to give your old toys to the less fortunate ones.


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