Miss all my friendsssssss!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haiz, I miss all my friends! Especially my secondary school friends!!
Miss thadshayiniy, yan mae, jiale gina chinghsia jiawen they all :(

Today I saw Yan mae!
Omg I swear I was so happy when i saw her~
It's been such a long time I saw her.. I MISS HER x10000000!

But I realise everyone's busy with their own stuffs.. I know life is not like secondary school anymore, but sometimes I wish, things would remain the same like before.



Missin' Malaysia..

Friday, April 15, 2011

This picture was taken in Malaysia during Chinese New year last year, at the back alley of my grandma's restaurant :(

I just can't believe GongXi restaurant is gone just like that...
The new restaurant totally sucks!!!!!! (CUSTOMERS SAID SO)

It has been there since I was like.. 3?
So many memories, my 12th birthday (when I was received a barbie doll umbrella from my uncle LOL), so many dramatic stuffs, loyal customers who have been patronizing us for years also spent countless of unforgettable moments in the restaurant too :(

Really miss everything about Gongxi...  When my grandma called us and told us it was gone, we didn't feel much, but now thinking that we will not be able to see it again just kinda hurts.

I really won't forget it~ It has been a major part of my childhood memories :)

Let me try to dig out some pictures of us in Gongxi restaurant..

 Christmas 2009; our very first BBQ outside the restaurant!
This is me and my brother dressing up for Christmas.. which is not very Christmas-like heheh. 

 Me and cousin!

 Me and one of my favourite aunt who's high on alcohol -_-

my uncle who's an absolute expert in prawning! My shifu HAH! 

My cousin and I BBQ-ing at.. 3am?! LOL yes you can tell by the road which was isolated by that time


 Anyway this was like in late 2008/early 2009.. which I was wearing that FUGLY brown contact lens wtfff. MY COUSIN IS THE FATTEST CUTEST BABY EVER!



 Anyway I'm quite positive this is in 2008, mummy bought her this pretty pinky cheongsam for chinese new year!! SO CHIOOOUTE :)

 I swear she's the nicest smelling thing ever on earth

And yes, this is my grandma who looks younger and younger each year! Love her SOOOOOO MUCH! She's really the hippest, coolest, trendiest, ROCKING GRANDMA EVER!

Outside the restaurant with my favourite cousins and my brother! 

 This is a pose.. LOL NOT REAL ONE!

 Okay I look fucking fat here but WHO CARES. Outside the restaurant.. Sigh :(

AND YES, I AM THE PRINCESS............ in their hearts hehehehe.

Memories in Gongxi will always been etched to my mind for life. I will never forget the place that has been part of my childhood life..

Can't wait to go back this June holiday!!

One of my greatest wish is to get back Gongxi restaurant, because it used to be OURS, and it's STILL, going to be ours...

Bored at home

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Geeeez these days I really have no idea what I can do except for lying on my bed all day long~
The holiday is going to end soon and I've not yet, done anything constructive at all!!

Zzzz, I know I can meetup with my friends and stuffs but some of them are in JC, prepping themselves up for camps, CCAs and stuffs while the rest are busy with their own schedule/work :(

Holiday... don't feel like holiday at all.

It's a beautiful night

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I want this song as my wedding song hehehehe, the way my future bf and my bridesmaids and best men make an entrance will be like that toooooooooo lor!!

Feels like a fairytale marriage~

It's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you. 

 Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Think my future fiance will think that this is damn gay, HAHA if he does I will push him off the cliff............ ;)


Universal Studios woohoo!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

*I was supposed to publish this post but i kept on delaying it, so yeah here it is!

I went USS last Saturday with Thadsha and her family and it was really super fun!!!!

It was absolutely the earliest morning I've ever woke up to during a school holiday.. Gosh.

We met at 9.30am so we could reach there on time!
Sentosa looked so fab in the morning.. probably can go there play volleyball someday heheheh~

Waiting for the freaking bus..

The bus was super slow -_- Seriously we almost died of heatstroke while waiting for the bus driver. Zzzzz.

After a while, we finally reached Resorts World by taking the skytrain!
The smell of Garrette Popcorn hit us the moment we were near the entrance of USS.. Yummy!

Early morning so many people already lor! -_-

Entered USS and everything was like so different! I really liked the Hollywood area because everything was built based on the 1980s style, so vintage and retro!

Check out this retro dine-in cafe! (with hot angmoh girls dancing outside)

SUPER PRETTY LAAAAAAA. But the food and the price is like S-H-I-A-T.
WTF $11 for a burger, a totally rip off can!!



Apparently this was a souvenir shop that sold a lot of cute looking hats! Hehehe

We went to Steven Spielberg's Actions, Lights, Cameras or something like that and it was really cool!!

There was like real fire, water, wind and everything and what they were trying to do was to make a tornado-like situation for us. The platform we were standing on was shaking too!

The weather outside the "windows" was so real! I really felt as if we were in a storm or something :/

Okay, it ended pretty fast.. No wonder people said that you queue up for 1 hour plus for a ride in USS, but only gets to enjoy like 2 minutes of it? What a cheater shit

Went to explore "Hollywood" further..

Reminds me of powerpuff girls' shows.. this would be where the mayor is!

Thadsha and her brother wanted to play the new roller coaster, Galactica or something but wtf, look at the turns and everything?

I think I will just pee in the air -_-

Guessed what?!
While I was waiting under the roller coaster, people screamed and "water droplets" actually landed on my leg. Fking disgusting I don't know whether is it bird shit or raindrops or just people's saliva.. Yuck.

There was also coins dropping everywhere on the ground.. "Money fall from the sky" really do kinda make sense here haha.

After that, we went to the desert area which looked quite like Egypt or Aladdin's territory or something.

There were like pharaohs and mummies along the way so we took pictures with themmmmm heheh.

 His neh is like quite big..... LOL

We went to play Revenge of the Mummies and it was such a thrilling ride!!!!! Fuck I thought it was just a ride that mummies would pop out and chase after us or something. 

But it turned out that it was a roller coaster and it was SO scary that at the end of the ride, I was trembling like mad shit.

Tsktsk, but the waiting time for this ride is really super LONG, and YES I MEAN LONG -_-

After that we went to Jurassic Park and the ride, Rapid Adventure or something was SIBEH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THADSHA AND I WERE ONE OF 4 WHO DID NOT GET WET DURING THE RIDE AS OUR BOAT CAME DOWN THE SLIDE -_- HAHA, the other pinoy people beside us were also lucky, tsktsk.

The waiting time was also a super long one, but it was worth it cos I think it's the longest ride among all the rides in USS -_-

Okay pictures nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:

 Anyway in this picture we were queuing up for the sky ride or something, super shiok but this stupid girl over here thinks that it is damn scary -_-


After Jurassic Park was Far Far Away!!
All the castles, princesses and princes and pretty bridges and shops and lampposts and cafes (there's no handsome princes available to take picture with :()

Love the scenery at Far Far Away!

 SO MAD PRETTYYYYY!!!!! Walao wish I was living in a castle.... Haiz


 Lol this picture I was splashing water at her and WHO KNOWS whether it's clean or what that's why she wanted to kill me ;) Heheh

 After that, we went to watch Shrek in 4D!
The introduction was super boring and don't know what the hell the boxes and mirror were talking about, but we were then led to another room.

It was a very cool but disgusting show though! 
When one of the animals sneeze, the front seat sprayed water at us, and when the spiders came up, there was something tickling our feet.. Should have heard the screams in the theater man, it was havoc!

MY FRIEND SAY I LOOK LIKE ONE THE SHREK IN THIS PIC BUT I BEG TO DIFFER COS I AM PRETTIER JUST JOKING. I think shrek is the ugliest ogre cartoon for disney -_- what the shit

 Next was Madagascar!!

Actually, I've never watched the movie in my whole life before, so the only animal I knew was the lion or something? Haha but nvm who cares the penguins were so cute!

 Do we have the same hair colour? Lol the lion is quite cute too!

 seriously, this weird looking animal is a little pervertic because the way it took picture with the previous girl was a little disturbing.. :S

We headed back to the desert place since it was getting late.. But honestly that day I felt like I didn't have enough of fun lor :((((((

A seriously hot pharaoh.. Haha, wonder if such hot looking pharaohs with 6-8 packs existed in the past? HAHA

It was getting really late, so we went back to Hollywood which was the entrance.. but during night time, everything looked much prettier there!

 See the dine-in restaurant!!

 Some vintage jukebox

It was a fun experience though! 
Everyone should really go there because when you step in, it feels like another world! 
Like a getaway from all the shitty stuffs, but the food in USS IS SO expensive!!! Wth their prawn made of gold or something? Tsktsk. 

But anywayy it's really funnnnnnnnn! Hope to go there again with friends some other time! heheehheeh.

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