Missin' Malaysia..

Friday, April 15, 2011

This picture was taken in Malaysia during Chinese New year last year, at the back alley of my grandma's restaurant :(

I just can't believe GongXi restaurant is gone just like that...
The new restaurant totally sucks!!!!!! (CUSTOMERS SAID SO)

It has been there since I was like.. 3?
So many memories, my 12th birthday (when I was received a barbie doll umbrella from my uncle LOL), so many dramatic stuffs, loyal customers who have been patronizing us for years also spent countless of unforgettable moments in the restaurant too :(

Really miss everything about Gongxi...  When my grandma called us and told us it was gone, we didn't feel much, but now thinking that we will not be able to see it again just kinda hurts.

I really won't forget it~ It has been a major part of my childhood memories :)

Let me try to dig out some pictures of us in Gongxi restaurant..

 Christmas 2009; our very first BBQ outside the restaurant!
This is me and my brother dressing up for Christmas.. which is not very Christmas-like heheh. 

 Me and cousin!

 Me and one of my favourite aunt who's high on alcohol -_-

my uncle who's an absolute expert in prawning! My shifu HAH! 

My cousin and I BBQ-ing at.. 3am?! LOL yes you can tell by the road which was isolated by that time


 Anyway this was like in late 2008/early 2009.. which I was wearing that FUGLY brown contact lens wtfff. MY COUSIN IS THE FATTEST CUTEST BABY EVER!



 Anyway I'm quite positive this is in 2008, mummy bought her this pretty pinky cheongsam for chinese new year!! SO CHIOOOUTE :)

 I swear she's the nicest smelling thing ever on earth

And yes, this is my grandma who looks younger and younger each year! Love her SOOOOOO MUCH! She's really the hippest, coolest, trendiest, ROCKING GRANDMA EVER!

Outside the restaurant with my favourite cousins and my brother! 

 This is a pose.. LOL NOT REAL ONE!

 Okay I look fucking fat here but WHO CARES. Outside the restaurant.. Sigh :(

AND YES, I AM THE PRINCESS............ in their hearts hehehehe.

Memories in Gongxi will always been etched to my mind for life. I will never forget the place that has been part of my childhood life..

Can't wait to go back this June holiday!!

One of my greatest wish is to get back Gongxi restaurant, because it used to be OURS, and it's STILL, going to be ours...

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