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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Went Zirca the other day with Breasty and Benbok. Supposedly Gina, Jiale, Virgil, Weiyang and Matthew were supposed to come but they pangseh us last min :(

So yup..

The crowd was small that night, but nevertheless, Eddy was right. The ratio of guys that night was more than the ratio of girls, considering that it was LADIES night. -_- Haha.

Oooh, and I saw Sheila there! She gave us 6 free drinks coupon because she said she's there to chill. Haha ~_~

Anyway, that night was considered quite scary, because there were MANY things approaching us.. There was this super duper ugly one who think he is super cool and handsome just kept coming near us. I'm sorry, but I JUST HAD TO SCOLD HIM OFF.

"Can you please stay away from us?"
"What? I'm just dancing here"
"Oh dance until from there til here ah?"


I really need to FIX MY HAIR COLOUR. Wtf look at the black roots fucking ugly!!!!

Had a crazy nightt.. Our feet hurt like MAD, I swear literally like MAD after 5 hours of continuous grooving and mooving on the dance floor, haha.

Anyway Jiale's birthday chalet was on a Monday, 9th at Downtown chalet :)
Haven't met this precious girl of mine since a year ago?! I'm so glad she finished her A levels!!! :) In fact, all my friends who have finished their A's!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 19TH BABY! I owe you a present :p


I am so glad I met up with so many of my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss hilary pang, the bbc people, and ken too :(

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