A well-deserved break, soon

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do I really deserve someone better......?
I have been questioning myself this ever since I noticed the change in your attitude and behavior.

Let's start with Valentine's Day.
As a girl, I am VERY conscious about this day. It's a day about showing your love and appreciation, isn't it? Even those who have neglected their loved ones can make it up by giving small simple gifts as a gesture of love in just a minute. But... you never did. You didn't even wish me at all.

I'm not saying I want a gift, damn it. I just thought we could be together on such a memorable day, because this is like our first Valentine's, or rather, my first. But now, I guess I can still proudly say I HAVE NEVER, celebrated Valentine's day in these 18 years of my life. Argh.

You could have come up with a better excuse, couldn't you? You could tell me you had something on, or you could tell me we CAN celebrate it another day to make me feel better, whatever I don't care. But you didn't. You just brushed it off.

And by looking at the way you have been treating me these few weeks, especially with the breakdown of your new car, with your wisdom tooth causing you so much discomfort, I can see how we will be, handling this relationship in the future if we were to encounter any hardship. This WILL, be the way you treat me.. and I don't think I am able to take it. I'm sorry but I want someone to treat me like a PRINCESS. I'm not spoiled, I just think that I really deserve a nice person.

That is why, I think I will be making a clean break soon.

Anyway, back to HAPPY STUFFS!
The week is coming to an end soon, which means, school is gonna be OUT in a few days! Part of me am anticipating it, but I kinda feel really sad because I feel that this class is pretty awesome ^_^

Well, we had IM presentation today. It was a client presentation and at first, everyone was pretty jittery about it. They had a lot of doubts to clear for every group, but I thought my group handled it pretty well.

 GRRRCK FTW!! Will miss this group :) xoxo

Renee's signature big smiley 

 Exploring with the toy camera effect :)

 Kristin, Russell, Caden


Caden and Kristin 

Caden and kristin 

Girls of GRRRCK 

Seriously I fucking hate to tie my hair............
Fucking look like S-H-I-T.


Me and Jannah.. I know we look damn fair here thanks to Photoshop :p

After school, went to Starbucks with Michelle to celebrate a belated Valentine's Day! Hee.

 With my hair all let down, FEELS LIKE MYSELF AGAIN ;)

Looking somewhere else...... 

Trying out a new effect, Miniature. Damn pretty! 

Another vintage effect ;) 

My Caramel Frappuccino and her Soy Latte! 

In Starbucks, met Dawn! She was about to meet Junwei. So we all sat together :)

Thanks Junwei for helping us to take the picture! Even though I said you could join us later but in the end didn't.. Oopsy daisy.... :o 

Yup, that was roughly how my day ended :)
All blessed with laughter and smiles :)

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