6 weeks to Phuket

Sunday, March 04, 2012

I spent the WHOLE day researching on Phuket attractions, tour packages, beaches, night markets, shopping etc that I had to eat pain killer to stop my throbbing headache. Yeah, that intense. You wouldn't see me putting in the same amount of effort in my work though, bahaha.


You have no idea how excited I am that every week I will google Phuket and visit the same tour websites again and again. -_-

So something that I'd like to share from my 12 hours of research.
Just so you know, I'd be staying in this hotel called Deevana Patong Resort and it's just a 5 minutes walk away from Patong Beach, which is the MAIN beach of Phuket!!!!!!!

This is so damn exciting I swear!

The night markets, happening bars, foodie, beach attractions, megamalls are all found in Patong area! :)

I'm thinking of getting some of the beach clothes at Patong OTOP which is said to sell cheap stuffs and it's NECESSARY to bargain/haggle/negotiate/barter if there's no price tag along with it. Hehe I think I am really good at that.

Anyway, my hotel!!!!!!!!!!
Superior Garden Wing room!

I have been reading from Trip Advisor and I hope they'd upgrade my room to Deluxe room because they have their private jacuzzi there :-)

It's by the garden and it's damn beautiful!!!!!! Can't wait can't wait.

I'm afraid of the public transport there too because I heard taxis are really super expensive?
The tuk tuk and motorbike taxi are also doesn't seem to be deemed safe and reliable...

:( Hopefully we rent a motorbike or something.

Damn excited!!!!

A few days ago I bought my bikini at Bella Kini and the bikini TOP alone costed me $42. Yeah but it's worth it cos it doesn't make me look so flat chested HAHAHA.

Yeap back to snorkelling..... I'm just wondering if for NON-SWIMMERS like me, is it safe to snorkel? I don't know how to swim but I'd love to snorkel with the fishes.... :(

In fact, ONE OF MY MAIN RESEARCH OUTCOME IS THAT NEVER book your tour package online, I swear. I was researching and the difference is SO VAST.

3,200baht for snorkelling VS 1,000baht for the same activities. Wtf?

If you want to book tour package, do it at Phuket itself.
For my hotel area, there are many nearby tour agencies so in fact we can just easily grab the cheapest tour package there :)

Anyway, some of the activities I wanna try are their ATV rides and whitewater rafting!

Yeah I'm quite an adrenaline junkie BUT I am afraid of heights -_-
That's why bungee jumping will never work out for me....
(F.Y.I, I tried flying fox at Sarimbun camp a few years ago. Almost died of heart attack.)

Whitewater rafting 

ATV rides

Get dirty in the mud!!!!!!!!!!!
AM so looking forward to this Phuket trip.

Not only that, for a shopping + night + party animal like me, I know Patong would be the haven for me because along Bangla road, there would be TONS of bars, clubs and along Patong beach stretch, night markets!!!!

I read through some of the interesting things they sell like miniature guns but they're actually cigarette lighters? So far so good!

And according to Russell's recommendation, I am maybe going to buy some fireworks!!!! Hahahah and shoot it in the sky!

Everyone who have been to Phuket have been telling me how much I'll enjoy this trip.

Well, I am already feeling the excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the entire day I have been emailing to several tour agencies. Bahahah because they boast that they have the lowest price for a full day of activities but they didn't state the price there -_-

*fingers crossed*

P/S: anyway guys, I'm back from phuket!  Read about my 5D4N Phuket trip here! :)

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    Thank you for posting.
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    Thank again.


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