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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hmm currently our relationship is going good..
We have gone through some really nasty shit in our relationship (Yeah, it's not even 6 months and we already gone through many DOWNS) and we nearly barely survived it, but in the end, I'm glad we made it through.

And of course, some times I get really insensitive and upset about him because of his character (INSENSITIVITY AND UNROMANTIC) but I realise he's been trying hard to change and accommodate me. I really appreciate it alot :)

Nowadays, he holds my hands when I try to cross the barrier at our usual hangout - Seletar Dam. Hmm.... Wonder what's gotten into him.

Sometimes, people tend to shoot me a simple question like, "Why'd you like him?" or "Why him?" It's really difficult for myself to answer questions like that because I don't know myself either. Sometimes feelings just come by and yeah, we really don't choose who we fall in love with. I can't help it, and stop myself from feeling this way yeah?

So yup......

Anyway he got back his car!!!! Am super happy for him, because our quarrels in the past was because of his damn car, and we couldn't meet up because of bad weather as travelling back home would be an issue.

Yeah, fixed everything but I know he's having a major financial crisis now..... haha joking. Just that he has to pay off some debts, especially his car repairs which cost more than 10k :/

 He's proud of his new gadgets!

Yah his current obsession.. but his all-time favourite is his baby girl sitting next to him in the car MUHAHAHA 

Anyway, just came back from supper with him..!
We wanted to go back to our favourite wan ton mee noodle stall but we ended up trying something new ^_^


I swear only M'sia got the best dry Mi Ta Mak in the whole world. Especially Ipoh's. Walao wei..... They should just move to Singapore.

Am loving the plate of fried food at the side! Especially the ham with fried enoki mushrooms yum yum!

I wanted to try his noodle look so nice lor............ but my mi ta mak took my attention away, hehe.

Hungry pig 


Am so hungry (again) looking at the photo..... 

Still, he said we'd better go back to our favourite wan ton mee stall next time.
Oh yeah, we also encountered some unpleasant experience at the customs and the petrol station just now ):

Haiz, lucky I was there lor.. (True ok)

Anyway had a great time with Thadsha YY Kelisha Xueli Meryl and friends at Helipad! Hell of a night baby... Free flow drinks etc but ended up there were many merlions outside at 1am? -_-" hahah!

I was told I was laughing like a mad woman outside but..... Don't make me recall anything please.

Fave pic from that night!

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