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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good God, I could actually use some of your help right now...........
Dad found out about something and I just couldn't lie about it. Haiz.

Just wish he'd forget about it!!!!!!! Argh!

Anyway, met up with dear for supper at Simpang Bedok and went to East Coast Park jetty and watched people fish.

There was this Malay dude who actually caught alot of squids using a net!!!! 
And his technique was using lights to attract them because dear said that fishes/sea creatures like glowing lights.

Oh well. He's angry with me too because I lied to him........
BUT IT'S PURELY A WHITE LIE, WHICH MEANS THAT I DIDN'T WANT HIM TO WORRY THAT'S WHY I LIED ABOUT IT. And he said that the second time I lied we'd break up.

Dumbass reason -_-

Anyway, on a lighter note...........

Me in my new Nyx lipstick Strawberry Daiquiri! It's a really pretty shade :)
Am loving it alot!

Bought from Smoochiezz and their delivery is pretty fast! hehe

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