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Thursday, April 05, 2012

First of April: April Fools Day: News circulated around the web that TP was going to enforce a dress code for students, scaring the wits out of every TP student. Even the news got stomped twice! 

Turns out that it's just a April Fools prank..... :-)
I wasn't even aware of it until TP was trending on Twitter? Haha.

Oh well, I couldn't care less if we're going to wear uniform anyway. In fact, I wouldn't mind! Since going to polytechnic means you gotta spend so much money on buying clothes and getting headaches in the morning deciding what to wear each day.

Anyway started off the first day of April pretty well!
Went to Johor with Gina and Yan Mae :)

We met really early like 9am in the morning?

Took CW bus at Kranji Mrt and yay, off we go to JB!

Excited... Craving for some cheap delicious food!!!!!!

At the Singapore customs there was this rotten asshole who cut everyone's queue! CB he wanted to cut me and Yan Mae's queue but thankfully I signalled him to go to the back if not he's not going to live till tmr.

Everyone was cursing at him. Haha!

Anyway, our first shopping mall was City Square, which was the nearest to the  custom. Hmm, so we settled down for Sushi King, cos it's cheap and awesome? Haha. But I still like the outlet in Ipoh Jusco, their Ebi is the best!

Yum yum!

Okay, surprisingly that day I didn't eat tuna sushi. Cos EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO TO A SUSHI OUTLET, the first thing I grab will be Tuna. This is a first.... in  the past 18 years :)

Gina deciding what to eat, yum!

After ordering, grabbed a few plates of sushi on our table. Raw Salmon, Ebi Tempura, and Chicken Karaage! 

Yumyum, can't wait for our food to come!

Anyway, we ordered this. I first got to eat this through the recommendation of my monkey. He was the one who forced me to eat it the previous time at this Jap restaurant at Vivo and surprisingly it's damn good! There're supposed to be eggs inside the stomach.. Yum. 

Part of my set meal! Comes with Ebi Tempura, long beans, seaweed etc. Plus my Yakult and Yan Mae keep saying I'm like a kid.....

The happiest thing is that my set meal comes together with RICE and UDON. And I couldn't finish the rice so I finished the udon instead. I repeat, I still like Ipoh's outlet. This is........... ok only.

Satisfied!!!!! ^_^

Hehe after that went to walk around, hoping that we can find some cheap bargains but turns out that everything is quite overpriced. 

Nabeh come to IPOH LA!!!!! Everything is so much cheaper there. Shirts for RM10 there! Sure, City Square has shirts for RM 10 but it's for XS/S size and the designs are like SHIT.

Anyway we went to Jusco at Bukit Indah which we got conned because the taxi driver took the long route.. Zzz, why can't anyone working in the taxi industry in Malaysia be fucking honest?!

There wasn't much to see cos everything was again, pretty much overpriced..

Gina and me! :)

In the end, we ended up at Kinta supermarket and bought some food back! :p
Yan Mae, a-hem, helped us got some stuffs back. HAHAHA.

Oh well, took another taxi again and cb, this time it's even more fucking expensive! RM 38 for a single trip!!!! Nabeh that was.. night-time robbery I swear.

And we got stuck at both Malaysia and Singapore customs cos there were too many people boarding the buses and many people were cutting queue...
So we reached Singapore around 12am? :(

But nevertheless, it was a fun trip! Especially with Gina and Yan Mae :)
Hope we'll go out soon!!!!!!

Yesterday met up Jiawen in the afternoon for some catching up to do, and we were hunting for her harry potter spectacles!

She'll be flying off to UK to further her studies in which I'm super proud of her :) But also, really sad to see her leave for 3 years and not being able to see her makes me feel scared :(

I already thought of what to get for her :) Hehe!

Later at night, met up with Jessie, Jeslyn and Thadshayiniy and we hang out at Timbre @ Arts House! Ordered Duck Pizza, Salmon Pizza, Roasted Prawn with Garlic Pizza, BBQ pizza(?), Chicken wings hehe! And some drinks to go with the good food and company.

Song/message dedications can be made and I kept spamming the system with messages like, "I hate my boyfriend - Thadshayiniy Schzeinger" hahah it was damn fucking hilarious!! Because the singer would read the message out loud. Hmm had a good laugh though :-) hehe.
Sweethearts :)

Love this photo alot! We all look so good here hehe ^_^

Well I'm starting to think that the honeymoon period is kinda over.. 
I really try my best to keep it alive, I really put in more effort into this relationship than any other. I hope at the end of the day, you'd appreciate everything. I love you so much~

And one last thing, he changed his cover photo to both me and him. I smiled to myself for an entire minute..... haha. :)

Love you, even though you're an ass sometimes. Hehe

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