First XI - Finals!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Am thankful to Louis for giving me the opportunity to watch a soccer match filmed live for the first time! HAHA! And what I meant is being there at Jalan Besar, with the stadium completely filled with roar with the cheers of First XI's fans. It's completely different from watching it on TV.

Anyway, Louis was one of the top 11 in First XI. And last night was their finals with their rival team, S League All-Stars.

Dear drove all the way from Bukit Batok to my house just to pick me up to Jalan Besar! Hehe :)

Waiting for him to text finish 

Was pretty excited!
There were a lot of people there queuing up, and met his friends, Jason and his friend and we quickly settled down for a good seat.

We had to wait about 1 hour before the show officially start? AND GUESS WHAT! We were just like a few seats away from where the camera was pointing at - Jean Danker and Gurmit Singh. Haha luckily didn't film us because I was abit overwhelmed by the match and it'd be embarassing if they caught it on TV hahaha.

First half of the show they had local celebrities to entertain us..
Taufik (mus's younger bro HAHA) made a guest appearance by performing his new songs I guess?

Jean Danker and Gurmit Singh 

And OH, as you all should have known by now, there was a wardrobe malfunction when the blue-haired cheerleaders with their SKIMPY tube dresses performed on the field.

I swear I'd expect something to happen because when they first appeared, their dresses were like revealing half of their boobs wtf. Like wear until so skimpy for what? There were also children in the stadium please!

So yeah, NIPSLIP. Felt a little sorry for the girl since she had to face so many guys staring at her. She was the only one who dropped her wig, and her dress? Guess it wasn't her day. Lol. But still, wear until like that for what?!
And instead, she took the limelight by appearing on the first page of New Paper.. Lol

Anyway, back to the show!

Me and dearrrrr 

Dear, jason and Desmond! 

Taufik performing another song again... I hope I wasn't the only one who thinks that his performance wasn't that good


 Cheering for Louis (The 3rd one)

 Warming up..

Mediacorp/news reporters take photos first before the match commences

Friendly handshakes 

First XI team 

Hmm I think Kim Bao didn't look that good in photos/tv but suprisingly he looked quite good in real life! Hahaha

Team discussion 

In the end, First XI lost to S League All Stars, 0 - 1 respectively. Nevertheless, the spotlight was of course, still on them! I felt really proud of them though. They're not professionals, but they only lost by one score. The S League All Stars had quite a number of Africans...

Anyway, Louis won the best player of the season!!!!!!!!!

He totally deserved it!!! :)
Congrats Louis!

After the match was over, went to eat dinner and headed for a short fishing trip with Dear and friends at Marine Pier before heading home..
Had a really great day :)

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