Last day of exams!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Finally my most dreaded shit - exams are finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And of course, what best way to celebrate the last day would be.... MEETING UP WITH MY GOOD FRIENDS!!!!!!!

Met up with Jiawen FINALLY, cos we've been delaying this meetup for really long.. 
We went to Blackbird Cafe to eat since she likes the name of it, cos it reminds of her the Beatles's song. Hahaha and I go there because my boyfriend is there... Heheheh

 Mushroom Risotto

 We ordered Mushroom Risotto ($16) and okay even though my boyfriend is a chef there.. The mushroom risotto DOES taste nice, really good cos it has a rich flavour and the texture is just fine. But after we eat too much, we started to get a little sick of it, haha!

Hehe, after that we went to Daiso and shopped around and after that, went to meet Ken cos he was driving me to Circular Road to meet the girls!

We settled at a pub, ordered a Tower, sang karaoke and he got to know them better :)

Well anyway, it was getting late and since tmr he had to work the morning shift, he left first so we girls just chilled on our own.

And on Thursdays nights, entry to Zirca are free for tertiary students!
So we just went in to get free drinks, danced a little, and after awhile we went out :(

But it was still awesome fun! Had a lot of fun with the girls!!!!


Hehe, so yup......
Am flying to KL tonight! Am so excited!!!!

Will be back with more photos of my trip soon ;)

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