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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This afternoon I've been a little a moody and sad 'cos I've kinda had some trust issues with him. I always thought that I could trust somebody wholeheartedly but I can't. 

After discovering the chats he's had with some girls, I guess? Nevertheless I have chosen to continue "trusting" him. Yes I'm upset, but I don't want this to end. I'm afraid it's just me being too sensitive and blame him for something he didn't have the intention to do, or is it just the way he communicates with people.

But whatever it is.. I just love him a lot. 

Anyway on Monday, there was no Apel lesson so I decided to accompany him on an interview in JB. There's a whole new land development going on at Puteri Harbour, and the investor that we met that day said that by a few years time, there will be a ferry fetching Singaporeans from Harbourfront and Sentosa to Puteri Harbour soon!

And the area looked beautiful. Nothing like the traffic in typical JB areas you see. They had a row of houses (seriously looked like Australia) and they have service staffs greeting you at the reception counter, they have a western cafe and Angsana Spa! Wtf this is more like a resort than a house.

So yeah.. Dear and I were like wow! And many Singaporeans actually lived in that area, while working in SG at the same time.

Anyway, after the meeting, dear and I went to Bukit Indah Jusco, (the one Gina and Ym and I went that time) and we went to eat dinner at Johnny's Restaurant. It is absolutely one of the best Thai restaurant I've been to, and my boyfriend, who's a head chef with 10 years of experience agreed with me. 

They have no MSG, preservative so it's totally healthy! And it's halal too :)
There's an outlet in Ipoh Jusco, and I've been eating at Johnny's since I was 8 years old? My aunt would always drive us to Jusco for some healthy delicious steamboat :')

So I've been asking my boyfriend to bring me to this restaurant for quite sometime cos I haven't been back in Ipoh for almost 2 years? 

Finally that day we got the chance to go :') He didn't forget that he made the promise to go with me.. and I'm really proud of him for making to effort to remember. And it was his treat! Hehe!

 Ordered this Thai Steamboat set, it's mad cheap! About $12 for two people? includes prawns, veggies, bee hoon, sotong, tofu, eggs, fish glue, enoki mushrooms and so on and so forth.

Nobody! My boyfriend's favourite ^^

I really liked the ambience and service there. Never fails to disappoint me everytime. The staffs are fast and efficient, and the ambience is warm and cosy! Best for steamboat ^^

Here it is! Our healthy steamboat. Dear scooping the coconut out from his drink. 

Seeking comfort and happiness in food 

When he first tried the Thai chicken rice, he went, "OMG" and licked his fingers. It was one of the best chicken rice he's ever had :) hahaha. I remembered how my brother and I used to fight over this plate of chicken rice whenever we were in Ipoh. It's SUPER good! 

Our awesomely healthy steamboat! 

 And the best Thai Chicken rice! RM 5.95 

 Can't wait to indulge in the steamboat!

Anyway, I'm loving my new rose blouse! I bought it with Xinyi and it's so pretty!!!! Hehe ^^
Bought it at a bargain cos I'm just good at bartering HAHAHA. Whee!

Us being really happy and enjoying our steamboat.
We ordered side orders: A super duper awesome plate of 5 beef slices (RM 4.50), Jelly fish (RM 3.50), 2 plates of Shrimp Ravioli (RM4.90 each), Deep Sea Fish Balls (Rm 5.90)!

We were so full we could hardly breathe :S

Yes, super full!!!! 

And a satisfied boy :)

Everything totaled up to RM76.30, including service charge and gvt tax. We really enjoyed the meal!!! :)

After that, we went to buy durian puffs for my parents and his mummy!

Went to my house and stayed over :)

My parents loved the durian puffs so much that they ate finish within an hour?! I only got to eat 1 :(

Oh well.......... 
I love happy times like this.

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