The start of June!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

This week, went to catch Men In Black 3 with Xinyi :)
We went to Bugis Shaw Theatres in the afternoon since they had a student promo which was like $6.50 for one person only!!!!!

Camwhored on the train..

The movie was surprisingly good, but Rotten Tomato rated it as rotten? Hmm

Anyway, I am never stepping into Bugis's cinema again... Wtf it's so crampy and the floor is so weird and the seats are so low and it's so freaking far!!

After that, walked around Bugis Junction and they had this Men in Black display for people to take photos with!

Xinyi's favourite alien? 

My cool nigga alien HAHA 

Well, not much to blog about but bought a pretty leopard flats hehehe so pretty!

Wanted to get the below handmade earrings but it was like 6 dollars?! But have to admit it's really pretty!

Met dear for dinner later on, we had abalone noodle!!!!!!

HAHAH damn shiok. Have been craving it for sometime and he finally brought me there cos he wants to pamper me now like his baby heheh *blush*

But after that, we met his friends and they went fishing -_-

 Dear say I'm really patient.... Of course I am la!

 The huge pond and in the end, they caught nothing at all -_-

Went home about 6am?! 
The promo for the fishing pond was if you fish for 12-6am it's only $27. Oh well, was super tired... T_T

Exams are just next week so have been down to studying..
It's been really long since I memorised stuffs and do so much studying so I wasn't so used to it. But... I know I really have to do it!

And while studying, I was packing my table at the same time and found my bag of memories with him :)

The receipts, movie tickets, museums' entry passes, zoo passes etc... There were so many!

 And guess what came into the mailbox this week?
Postcard from Jeslyn!

She's been away for 1 month now in Seychelles, doing her attachment.. Feel really happy for her because she's enjoying what she's pursuing now! :)

Sucha pretty postcard! :)

And yesterday was Bare Your Sole 2012! 

The main aim of this charity event was to raise funds for projects such as building houses for those in underdeveloped countries. I don't mind donating $10 to support the cause but walking barefooted, getting pricked by the dry grass etc was a no-no -_- 

But still, we had to turn up since our teachers say it's crucial and is part of our tutorial attendance blah blah. Who the hell forces people to do charity right? Wtf it should be of our own accord. Because it wouldn't be a cause if we don't want to do it.

The only thing that made me look forward to this event was my Year 2 classmates :( Miss them, now that I'm in Year 3... 

Don't really fancy my Year 3 class but thankfully Lydia and Meryl are in the same class as me :)
Made school less torturous. Can't imagine facing my Year 3 classmates for the next half of the year. Don't know why but some people in the class seems a bit.. FAKE. Yucky yucks.

Hahah I'm not the only one who thinks that way though.

Anyway after Bare Your Sole, went to Kallang Leisure Park for brunch, went home and napped before going out again to meet dear!!!

We ordered Tamago Ramen which is a pork-stock based creamy soup, fried gyoza and fried rice at Cuppage Plaza's OHSHO. They have the best gyoza in town man!

It's crispy and and the skin is thin enough.. 

Tamago Ramen! :)

Had a great time with him! 

His friend, Brendon showed us the countries his fiance and him were planning to go during their honeymoon after getting married next year. Dear and I were also excited because there were so many things we had in common! We want to go skiing together at Melbourne/Korea, we want to feed the penguins/dolphins.. So many things :) So they suggested we go together like a double couple holiday trip!

Next year I might be going to Melbourne! ^_^

And a photo of us to end the post......
Sorry for the damn bad quality it's from my iphone heheh

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