Haters will be haters ;)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I've been blogging since I was 12 years old, so this blog's archives can be dated back to 2005, where I blogged in the most disgusting, twitish manner that everyone, including myself hate hahaha.

But over the years my blog contents have changed, from blogging about my daily rants to my real opinions. And the views are considerably high throughout the years. However, there are of course some green eyed monsters who can't stand the way I blog.

So one thing I can't understand is those people who hate my opinion/face/photos so much will never fail to keep on coming back and put themselves through such torture by reading contents they loathe, photos they can't stand etc. Hmm.

Not that I care, actually. Because I have a huge audience who loves bold opinions, (and myself and my blog HAHA :P) and what's the point of a blog when you just want to please everyone to the extent that your posts are coated with honeyed words, not based on your true honest opinion?

*roll eyes* whatever, if they hate my blog and tell me I am gonna rot in hell, get my karma and all that shit, save your breath bitches cos I ain't here to please you ;)

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