11th Month Anniversary Brunch at Riders Cafe

Monday, October 15, 2012

Yesterday was our 11th month anniversary, and since I've been telling Dear I really wanted to try out the brunch at Riders Cafe, Bukit Timah after hearing so many good reviews about it, he decided to bring us there for our 11th month anniversary!

Super duper happy so woke up early and dressed up for our brunch date!

Upon reaching there, I realised Riders Cafe is actually more convenient and accessible for those with cars, or if you're opting for cabs. It's rather inconvenient for those who wants to come here via public transport because the cafe is located inside Bukit Timah Saddle Club.

Since we did not make a reservation, we were inside the waiting list, and had to wait approximately 30 minutes(?)
Marmalade Pantry was just opposite, so I asked Dear if he wanted to eat there instead, since there was no queue there. But Dear said it was rather costly. Hahhaa. And since we came down here just to try out Riders Cafe, so we decided to stick with our decision!

After less than 30 minutes, received a call promptly from a lady whom I assume is the owner, and she informed us that a table was available. Dear drove back to Riders Cafe and the nice lady seated us near the balcony, facing the hill and horse stables.

Really liked how staffs are attentive to our needs and food served is rather fast, considering the fact that the cafe was full-house that day!

Ordered cranberry juice :) 

Love how cosy the whole cafe is :) 


Hahahhaa, hiding his moustachey~ 

Well, he said the food here is priced quite reasonably, and the view was quite good too..

 Inside the cafe

We waited for about 15 minutes for the drinks to be served? Especially the Cafe Mocha that Dear ordered.

The Latte art is about the same as Blackbird's.. 

While waiting for our food~ 

Finally, the food arrived!

Riders Burger with Rocket, Brie, Relish, Bacon & Seasoned Fries ($17)  
Dear said that their burger was SUPER DELICIOUS! Especially their beef patty, which was juicy and tasted super good!

I ordered Blackstone Benedict with Bacon & Tomatoes, Poached Eggs & Hollandaise on rustic Sourdough ($15)

 Loved the bacon & tomato, but the egg yolk was rather solid. Was supposed to be runny, but it wasn't runny at all. When I cut it opened, it was no different from the yolk of a hard boiled egg. Dear told me to request for a change but I just told him it's okay.. But the combination of tomato, bacon and the egg was superb!

Everything totaled up to about $40+~
Not sure if my boyfriend ever wants to come here anymore.. But I guess I would? For the view, and maybe try out their dinner and prolly have some high tea session 'cos I so wanna try out their Death by Chocolate Cake!

Walked around the nearby stables and the horses were just so...... huge.

Some snapshots~

 Anyway, Riders Cafe is just right behind us :)
Looks so tiny from afar but the cafe is quite big!

Love Dear lots for pampering and showering me with so much love that makes me feel like the most loved girl in the whole world. LOVE YOUUUUUUU!

After brunch, we went to meet his mum at Bugis, went to Westmall for dinner, and headed back home!

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