Halloween Zombie Outbreak @ Scape 2012!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

As a staff of SPH, I was given the privilege to attend the Halloween Horror Nights @ Scape 2012 for free! Courtesy of Movie Mania.

I brought along Dear and his friends, Angel & Mick.

The event was from 18th - 31th Oct so we went on a Sunday, on the 28th as Dear finished work at 6pm that day.
Met up with him and Angel at Scape and we went to have our dinner first while waiting for Mick to come...

As we walked around after dinner, we spotted this Coca Cola truck outside Cine and people were queuing up for something free? They were also all on their phones, and we  were quite puzzled so we went to  see the board. 

OH. Like Cathay Lifestyle and get a free Halloween goodie bag!
Haha, of course we went to join in the fun and we were all trying to access Facebook and trying to like the page.

The queue was a little long so we took some photos hehehe.

I went first, so I was supposed to shout "I'm a bad girl" before pressing the button but heck! I'm just gonna press it cos I ain't no bad girl HAHA.

Angel went next, and she got a free arcade card with some credits in it, while Dear got a $10 voucher from some apparel shop in Cine.

Dear & his voucher and my headband. HAHAH 

Angel & her Timezone arcade card! 

Myself & the halloween headband. 

When Mick came over, Angel brought him to try out the game once while this Pirate was around, playing this card guessing game with passerbys. He came up to us so we tried but we won a bottle of coke instead =_=

I was abit sian cos I wanted the Hello Kitty mascara!!!!!!!
So I asked him if we could try again? Cos I really wanted to win the mascara, I told him hahaha.

To my surprise, he purposely let me win cos he gave me 1000000 tries before I got the correct number. HAHA.


After that, all of us headed to Scape's warehouse for the zombie outbreak!!!!!!!
I never thought I'd be THAT afraid until I accepted the fact that I was ABOUT to enter the place. Ahhhhh

So thankful that there was a group of teenagers in front of us so I insisted on following them. The poor girl was scared out of her wits while I was heaving sighs of relief secretly behind. HAHAHA. All the sudden head popping, JU-ON crawling from the hospital bed etc, zombies swinging from the end of the room, the first group had it all. So throughout the whole event the only thing I was scared of was when the girl screamed -_- so freaking high pitch!

Dear was pulling me away from the group cos he wanted us to walk alone so we would be scared but I didn't wanted to be TOO scared... cos I am, (I have to admit) VERY timid. Bahahah

Anyway we completed and survived the whole Zombie event successfully!!!!!!!!!
It was quite a short trail and it took less than 10 minutes?

Took a group photo with the zombie background!!

Oh well, we definitely did have fun hahahaha!!

Anyway the day before Halloween, Xinyi and I went to Ksuite at Bugis Plus for the student promotion! 
It was $15nett for Fri-Sun, so we decided to go ahead for it. The room was very well furnished, with blanket, a bowl of tidbits and two drinks and the system was quite good!

I also liked the reception area when we entered Ksuite, it was rather nice with the grass patches and vintage chairs.. hehehe.

Guess Ksuite is a more highend version of Kbox?

Xinyi choosing the songs~ 

Camwhore as usual... I was having such a bad hair day argh 


The expert singing 

As we met a little late, our session finished at 7.15pm and by then we went to Dear's cafe to eat dinner!

Yes, we ordered the Sampler Platter and there were so many food x.x 
We just couldn't finish!!!!!

Waited for Dear to knock off and we went home together :)

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