Happy (close-to) 1 year anniversary baby!

Monday, November 05, 2012

It’s funny how we started off so shaky and unrealistic and now, here we are.... 1 year has gone by so fast and everything seems like a fairytale..

I have to admit that it was never easy to get to where we are today. Like any normal, healthy relationship, there’s always bound to have third parties trying to get between us, trust issues, stress, financial issues, jealousy and many more. How we managed to curb all these problems…… Well, not everything was resolved. Some issues were left on its own, probably because one of us is too ignorant or the other, too afraid.

Then comes the good, memorable part. Our trips, our anniversaries, our dates, funny moments, stayovers, countless of memories. I am pretty sure one thing that we had in common was that we’d always focused on the good memories than the bad ones. It’s how we ignite back the flames, and bonds us back.
Till now, I still have a little difficulty trying to figure out what’s on his mind.. He’s unpredictable. But very very adventurous. (Okay not really THAT adventurous cos he’s a little lazy at times) And his friends always refer to him as “the cocky one.” The first time I met him, I would have to agree with them. And as time goes by….. he actually has a soft spot! Especially when it comes to animals. It was certainly one thing that made me so attracted to him.

And now some characteristics of this guy I’ve been dating for (almost) a year.
  1. He’s forgetful. Always forgetting about WHERE, WHEN, HOW we got together. He’d guess everything except for the correct one.
  2. He’s got buttery fingers. Almost everything he touches…… Like water spilling over the laptop, etc.
  3. He’s insensitive. Of all the times I tried to make him jealous, it failed terribly and I was the one getting emotional instead. L
  4. He’s OBSSESSED with his phone. And car. His facebook cover photo is himself and his car. And half of his time is spent on his stupid Zynga whatever games.

But despite everything, I love him for who he is. And all these characteristics? Yes, I love them, because that’s what that makes him HIM.

Of all the times I get emotional and upset, he’d never fail to cheer me up and show his affections for me. He’d never fail to come all the way from work/home just to accompany me. Like the time when I lost my laptop and he knew I was so upset, he drove to my house from work and brought me out for supper. :’)  

And when he sense that something is wrong, he’d pull me in close and peck me gently on the lips. When I am in any kind of trouble, he’d always try his best and be there for me… And when I pout like a spoiled brat, he’d laugh it off and imitate me. And when I get demanding, he’d accommodate me and make sure I was smiling at the end of the day.

I love you, Dear.

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