Happy Birthday, Myself

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Before I start on my 19th birthday post, I would like to post mention a few things!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I made a decision which I'm (still) unsure if it's a correct one.

Yes, it's just right across my house (downtown east) & the classes are intensive yet fun! Problem is will I be able to keep my determination up throughout the one year period? And it's not cheap given the pay I'm earning every month too. Sigh.

You may think that it's fine, I can just stop anytime if I wanna stop. But no, I HAVE to commit during this one entire year. If I were to quit, there's a penalty fee which is fucking expensive.

So.... Let me find the motivation again & I'll be in the gym every week!

Another thing was that I tried cooking Aglio Olio based on the recipe Dear gave me, but I failed terribly. It's not the recipe that's wrong but it's just me. I don't even know how to fry the garlic for heaven sake! Don't even mention what should be cooked first. ~_~

Ended up pouring everything away....

& after that, I wasn't ready to give up yet. I still BELIEVE I have a talent for something. Maybe not in main courses... Desserts? Sweet treats? 

So Dad brought my brother and I out so we went to grab some baking ingredients for Chocolate Lava Cake!

Ingredients are the following:
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Van Houten Baking Chocolate
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/4 spoonful of sugar
  • Unsalted Butter

The moment we reached home, I was quite excited to start baking! 

So is my brother too! :) 

And this is definitely our life. We totally depended on it to weigh how much ingredient was needed. 

So after some mixing & preparation, the mixture was ready!
Poured into the ramekins and there was still quite a lot of leftovers!

Already looking yummy & delicious! 

We didn't fill it to the top because the lava cake would rise throughout the baking process.

After 15 minutes.............
Ta-daa! Our Pride & Joy :)

And my verdict is it was really chocolate-y! But it wasn't too sweet and it actually tasted really awesome!

Just in case you're wondering, my brother lent me his Canon EOS 1100D for the above photos :)
Some photos I took with his 1100D.

I love this shot of Dear! 

Caught a crab! (But I wouldn't dare to eat it.. Caught it at Changi Beach) 

 Love this shot :) It's actually just a pot of Mummy's money plant. Love the focus!

Now, back to my birthday post!
This year, I have to admit that I haven't been a good friend to anyone.. I think I have even neglected some. Maybe it's because I'm bad at prioritizing people in my life. But nevertheless, I'm glad I have made the decision to keep some people in my life, and stayed away from some.

I guess it's just part of growing up. 

Anyway, Dear surprised me with a rather early birthday present!!!
I found it on my study desk when he sent me home. 

:') SO TOUCHED. Almost to tears, in fact. I think it's the first time he's written a heartfelt letter? Hahaha. 

 And yes.. My gorgeous Agnes B wallet! These 2 colours have gotta be my favourite combination :)

On my birthday itself, I had to work :( Dear couldn't take leave cos it was a Friday..
It started out as a really bad day actually. 

I woke up really late, my handphone had no battery and I couldn't start it at all, (my phone was off the entire day), I was having a bad hair day, bad face day, I looked fat, my parents looked like they weren't bothered with me, etc.

I was thinking... this must be the worst birthday of my life. 

But thankfully, my SPH staffs were very nice & they surprised me with a birthday chocolate fudge cake!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so surprised because I didn't expect them to do so they are definitely the sweetest :)

And knowing that I love chocolates so much.. They really bought a cake FILLED with chocolate. It was soooooooo good!

Groupshot with Mama VJ 

VJ & Lisa! 

Love y'all :) 

And yes, my favourite buddy!

After work, Dear ended work at 6pm too and came by to pick me up!

From a distance, I wasn't sure if it was him in the car because the person was wearing formal... and had gelled hair!

To my pleasant surprise, it was Dear!!!
I thought he was wearing his chef outfit (HAHAHA) but it was him... all dressed up for me. From what I've known, I've never seen him in formal, always t shirts/polo shirts and bermudas. 

And he looked so HOT & SEXY in his formal shirt. hahaha.
I couldn't keep my eyes off him the entire night though....... Oops

Anyway he was rather sneaky and mysterious about where we were about to go...
He refused to reveal/drop any hint at all :(

Look at my hot man!

He drove into Sentosa and I was getting a little excited already.. Hahaha.
However, we got a little lost but GPS saved our lives :)

So the place he wanted to bring me for dinner was Tanjong Beach Club!
In fact, he had already made a reservation 3 months ago........ :') I could die from all the sweet surprises that everyone has sprung on me that day.

We were seated outside at the beach which was really romantic..

 Romantic dinner by the beach~

Thank you dear.. You have no idea how blessed I am to have you in my life :') 


Love this shot even better! 

Ordered Moscato to start the awesome night.. :)

This is the life yo! Loved the idea of having white wine by the beach :)

The man whom have redefined the definition of love~ 

Loved this shot of myself.. Hahaha. Good hair & face day here :p (Sorry I'm contradicting myself hehe) 

Took this shot using the self-timer :) 

Our food! 

We ordered Foie Gras Kaya Toast, (okay it sounds really weird.. but the combination is fucking awesome!) Grilled Snapper :)

Grilled Snapper 

Yes we had the whole beach to ourselves..

Anyway back to the food, the combination of foie gras and the slight sweetness and fragrance of kaya goes super well! with the toast of course.. It's a must try! :) 

We finished within 15 minutes & we were rather full..

 Red face from the wine :p

After clearing our plates, the staffs suddenly came back with a mini cake............
I totally went, "OMG!" 
Haha, my "OMG" moment for the 2nd time in the same day.

With a message :) Anyway it was a chocolate brownie cake with vanilla ice cream on top of it.. My second serving of cake filled with chocolate goodness! Hehe 

Awesome night thanks to him :) 

Thanks..  :')

After dinner, it started drizzling, so we went back to my house.. and Mum had actually bought a Durian cake for me!!!!!!

Okay I have this obsession with durians so Daddy and Mummy bought a durian cake for me!! :)
In fact, they spent the entire day looking for the best birthday cake ever :')

So this year's birthday I had 3 birthday cakes in total! 
Hehe guess I grew fatter but all for the right reasons :)

Would like to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes.. Even friends whom I haven't been in contact with for a few years also wished me for my birthday :') I took quite sometime to reply everybody's messages because I was out the whole day and my phone was spoiled at the wrong time zzz. Thanks to my close friends for the birthday treats, meetups and many more! You guys have no idea how much I love y'all.. Definitely keepers!

And my family who never fail to stand by my side, support all my decisions, loved me unconditionally, showered me with so much care and concern and tolerated all my nonsense and crap for these 19 years..

And Dear, who made such great efforts to make me feel like a princess all again.. who always tries his best to make me the happiest girl in the world everyday, and for loving me despite my wilful character.. 

THANK YOU, everyone.


Sending Louis off + Picture updates!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last night, Ken and I went to the airport and eat Ramen Champion at T3 :)

After that, we went to send Louis off! So proud of him because he's one of First XI's top 20 players!!!! F.Y.I, he's my colleague when I was working at Blackbird!

Support him ok :)
This coming weekend they'll know who's the top 16! I hope he's going to be in!!!!!!!

After that, dear send me to Phuture for Yy's birthday :)

 A not so flattering picture of him driving, hehe.

Anyway some camwhoring pictures before I went to meet him hehe!

Oh well, there're quite alot of pictures on my Iphone that I didn't seem to have the time to upload. And here they are..

Meeting up with his old pals :) 

After that, we went to JB for supperz with my baby!

And received the sweetest message ever :)
Hahahaaa felt really loved that point of time.

And the following weeks to come, we went prawning with Ben and Joanna, and Ben caught this damn huge prawn!!!!!!! O_O

Seriously he win Ken liao. Hahaha 

He's eating a lollipop! 

And the next week went to find him because Mummy made lotus root soup and she wanted him to try it! Hahaha Alex came and took this photo, say very loving!!! hahaha.

Dear say is damn nice!:)

And the next week, went to meet Xinyi and we went cycling at Pulau Ubin! ^_^ 
So fun!

We tried to meet a little early so that we could see starfishes at Chek Jawa, but I guess we went a little too late and the water level was very high :(

But still, managed to see mudskippers!!!!!

 Hehe she like the tree!

Imaginary hug!

After that, we went to the beach and there were so many creatures! There were even more mudskippers!!!!!!

A galore of cuteness!

And this is what Xinyi bought for me a Hello Kitty iphone cover from HK!!!!!!!! :) So pretty! 

Hehe and the next week, I met up with dear again and this time he said he had a surprise for me!

And I was like, "what?"

Hermit crabs! 

3, to be exact. 

Dear has been into fishing lately and he's so happy that he caught this long beak fish at Tanah Merah recently!

He's training for his 6th April Daiwa Fishing competition and he even neglected me :(


And the next day, this long-beak fish turned into............









 Fish and chips?! HAHA

Didn't get to eat all these but dear took photos of it after he cooked it for me to see :)

Hehe, and finally YY is back from BKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She got me this super pretty leopard print clutch!!!!!!!!!! 

And dear, again went fishing and Fadly caught a seabass.
Dear cooked it as staff meals for the BBC people, and Danny kept telling me it was nice! Hahaha.


Also, Alex and Hilary came back from Penang!!!!!! I know they spent a lot there because the first day they already spent $400 -_-

They bought me a Hello Kitty lipbalm, a bracelet and a watch in which all may come handy for my Phuket trip! Heheh :)

Well, that sums up my post for the month Of March...... Happy 1st April in 4 hours and 15 minutes' time! ^_^

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