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Saturday, October 08, 2005

aww..nxt m0ndayy g0nna have science paper s00n..='(
t00 badd..
wanna rest de..
butt cann0t lia0..
tuesdayy g0in` 0utt withh auntie ching, j0elle [[ da jie ]] , weiyi [[second jie]]

thenn auntie chingg preparingg breakfast..f0r us..=P
i`ll eat up all the f00d...l0ls..
dontt lett auntie chingg eatt..
she t00 ---->> (^(00)^)
gett what i meann? =P

kidding larhs.
d0n`tt reallyy kn0w wh0`s she `s inviting..
nvm, i`ll just concentrate on going to her hse !! (:

l0vfees , <33

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