Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ok, I just found a nice song 10 seconds ago!
Over my head by Fray ((:
It's a nice song.
Found that when i was browsing through a girl's (who's using my blogskins) blog.
It sounds emo, but sweet to me .
I'm gonna write as long as possible.
So I can cover up my pictures that's just below.
( Scroll down if you want to see it )

Well, here's something i found in a website.

Just click la.

Nothing much will happen anyway,

So click if you want to :)

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Together since 28'12'06..
I'll never forget this day..
You make my life complete..

Everytime see you purposely go outside smoke..
Because you didn't want to let me breathe in the harmful smoke..
Then why you still smoke? T__T
But i'll still love you! :D

10 Feb is your birthday.
Another 4 more days is Valentine's day!

And I know you're working really hard..
But it's okay.
I know you'll miss me xDD

know you're sleeping now.
or hanging out with friends, yam cha?
i'll miss you!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

changed a blogskin again.
+ a section , " Link Me Up~ "
If you want to link me with a picture,
please copy the codes and paste it into your template :)

Oh.. this is the third day since i'm back in singapore.
I miss my t so much <33
the past few days we keep sms-ing each other non-stop.
and i can't help it all right!
I know my handphone bills are going to be high again.

Hahas, he never sms me anymore.
And i can guess why.
Because his handphone no money le.
Its all because of me..
All my fault .. T_T
Haiz, so sad.
I miss him loads........
It's hard to keep a long distance relationship in one piece.
But with our happy memories, maybe we can be together forever.

The day before yesterday, he started planning our future!
Lol. Aren't he sweet? :)
He said that what if he have no money to support me?
And what if my parents and his parents object to our relationship?
All i could do is to tell him not to worry that much.
Oh well, inside i'm actually worried..
Haiz, thinking of these problems make me sad.
Alright, I won't make myself miserable.
I'll just update some pictures that i took in malaysia.
It won't be that much..

Hahas, i know what ure thinking.. u think i smoke yeah? oh well... maybe i do.

I took tis, looks like a pro who took that yeah? xD

I'm against gays :D


smile for him only :)

my darling siang siang!

My good friend , Danny :D

Ate at KFC during christmas eve. but after that we went kbox and celebrated christmas by spraying snow at everyone.

oh well, i still wish to go back malaysia..
:)) i love those happy memories..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

tomorrow i'll be going back to singapore.
it's freaking depressing for me~
my friends will miss me!
& i know that alright.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

christmas present?

u're seriously asking for one?
NO. and NO.
youre supposed to give me a present
and not vice versa >:
daddy's giving me a N70.
and my brother's getting a PSP :
he's pretty lucky yeah?
and he's gonna share his PSP with me >:D

oh well, after so many days of BOREDOM in malaysia,
i finally got some " what-i-call-fun" (:
i saw HW :D
and he's so darnn hot.

but neither did i expect he would come up to me and say hi~
i think he wanna give me a heart attack so i would disappear =.=
then he shaked my hand but did not tell me his name.
and of course,
in such a 'critical' situation ,
i can't possibly tell him my name too.

then his friends and him went outside and smoked for a while.
can't help looking at him :after that he came in and looked at at what my cousin was playing.

since he looked so into that game,
i played the game too.
then his stupid skinny friend told me (in mandarin),
" Don't be so childish la~"
thank god HW came to my rescue.
he scolded that guy in cantonese with mandarin,
" Stupid , it's not childish la, it's cute and innocent "

Though he has all what a bad boy should have,
( pierced ears, rings on his fingers, coloured hair, smoke, ride motorbike)
but he doesn't and TOTALLY don't behave like one.
he's kind and nice.

but yesterday,
my friend, Winn (he's a guy=.=) was celebrating his friend's birthday with his friends outside .
there was a couple of girls around.
and i caught him looking at them and combed his hair.

after that, he ride his motorbike and went home,
claiming he want to settle some personal matters.
maybe he's a womanizer.
maybe he likes to flirt with girls.
maybe he have a lot of girlfriends.
and i'm jealous =x

oh , the fact is that i'm VERY VERY jealous!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

oh my GOD.
i can't believe i saw him, after so many days of his disappearance.
when i saw him..
and he saw me..
it was like. oh my GOD!
we met again.
he has changed so much ..

we know each other..
but dont really talk..
he knows i like him..
last time he used to play online games with me.
and we killed a lot of people :]

alright ,
people changed..
so do i.
memories are memories.
they can't help to keep things together forever.

Friday, December 01, 2006

this totally SUCKS.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sigh :]
i saw him!
he has changed so muchies.
& look as shuai as ever((:
he even coloured his hair!
ahh, anyway, i've reached wonderland :]
then my korkor[my sixteen years old cousin, but i call him my korkor(: ] waited for me at the cafeteria
so we could settle down & eat.
hahas, serve him right for playing computer in the middle of the night!
he's wearing specs now :[
not as handsome as last time , lols.
but he doesn't look too ah beng anymore.
he, too coloured his hair.
it's SOOOOOOOOO unfair :[

hahas, I went back to my aunt's house and slept til 2pm.
then when leaving da house to eat, korkor and the soooooooooo shuai guy(just now i've mentioned) came.
they were cycling and decided to drop by ((:
fuck sia. never call me go.
oh well, at least got my beauty sleep.
then we chatted for a while and they cycled away :(
and i went to eat..

after eating i went straight to the cyber cafe and looked for lin.
ohh well.. she told me once that she wanted to further her studies..
can't blame her..
sigh, i've to go :]

Hope to see him later! :]

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Omg, guess what?
I was browsing through my old posts when I came upon one 2005 post.
I totally can't believe that I wrote like this in the past.
"miie g0 playy devilr0 lerhhz.byez"
To think that last time i thought it was cool..
What the hell?
What was I thinking in the past?!
Oh well, as I've said, it's already in the past(:

Anyway, I'm heading for WonderLand tomorrow!
And I'm just so excited about it :]
Oops, it's getting late!
I have to pack up tomorrow.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just read finished MOT's posts!
What a 'great' achievement!
I called Marinah to read it too.
Lol, she was commenting that it was so funny.

`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
wth.. funny@
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
* !
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
yupps.. i everytime go there and read their stuffs..
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
they are against those twits and ahlians, sluts and despos
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
omg.. i so agree with them
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
anymore anymore?
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
i show u this ugly fugly guy..
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
wait ar..
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
omg.. why does the person hate the guy so much
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
wth hahahahahahas
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
i'm laughing like hell
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
come on.. he's so disgusting..
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
look at his hhair.
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
like skunk..
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
hahas.. reading his profile is alrdy fear factor. good one!
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
most of the people love this blog a lot.. but not all.. some ahlians, or twits felt offended.. and then they spam the tagboard.. and got one time even hack the blog.
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
hahas.. omg.. but its so damn funny
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
ya.. got see the picture of him
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
the last one..
- i can't get enough of wonderland ; says:
at the end of the post
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
like duh
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
super funny
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
well anyways. i gtg help prepare dinner
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:
thnx for the laughs
`mm- .the walls start breathing, my mind's unweaving; says:

Lol, she wanted to read more.
Got her addicted to it.
Anyway, Mot is indeed a very educational blog. LOL?
Please vote for them too! :D

now, there are only two days left before i'm leaving for WONDERLAND!
Please , Please and please do not think that wonderland is the place where Peter Pan exists hor.
because, in this miserable and full of tragdies world which we are living now,
it is WAY IMPOSSIBLE to live in a world that is what you called, "my dreamland/my fairyland/my fairytale".
Hahas, I shall not tell you where's Wonderland :pPp

Sigh, my 'beautifully-done' nails are gonna be destroyed by me one day.
The petals on the flowers seem to be falling off.
Look at the previous&previous post to see my nails.
Each day, one petal fell and landed gently on da ground..
just like tears...

alright, i have to do some advertising now(:
Those people who adore potatoes,
join Potatoe Club now!
Simply click on HERE
There'll be steps and also, rules for you to follow if you wanna be a potatoe member.
So, Join now! :D

Alrights, I have to go and eat my dinner and do my homework now.
And too, have to sort out my clothes and bags to bring to WonderLand! :D

Tatas <33

Saturday, November 25, 2006

next tuesday going wonderland(:
and a video of f.i.r's song, ni hen ai ta.

and thats all i have to say today.

Sweet thirteen (:

Friday, November 24, 2006

Didn't post anything yesterday, because i was really sleepy after spending one long day outside.
And anyway, i love my darlings who spend the day yesterday with me!! :D
And those who stayed up late just to wish me happy birthday!!((:
And those people who wrote me those sweet testis !!
And kailin who called me to wish me happy birthday(:
I love u guys!!

Hahas, anyway, yesterday was really damn fun la.
at first we went tm and watched flushed away((:
erm, it was ok.
I mean, i love the slugs. hahas-
after the movie, we were so hungry that we could eat anything.
oh well, maybe not anything.
yupps, we made a reservation at seoul garden and
we asked when will we get our table.
the auntie said" about 45mins to 1 h .. "
and she blew it.
i can't stand it anymore!
my stomach was growling and i was standing there, so helpless.
so in the end, we took a mrt to go bugis .
halfway through the ride,
the auntie called and said that there was table for us.
i was like "are u kidding? do we need to go back?"
thadsha nodded and i thought she was joking lor.
but in the end, we went back la.
lols, so we ate there.

here's some pictures i took when we were at seoul garden((:

Hahas, I took so many fries!! Yummy..

My soup.. lettuce soup. its so good.

Fight!!! The strongest will get the best food((:

Thadsha grabbing a chicken , lols.

Marinah drinking her ... DRINK! :D

And let me welcome Claire the Heroine.

Using her super powers, she managed to overcome the hot oil :D

"Oh no , be careful! " Gina cried, worried for the heroine(:

And at last, with a satisfied smile, Claire said "I saved the day! :D "

Okay, back to MY story, this is my plate of chicken skin. hahas.

Yeah, we've completed eating, but there's still prawns to go.

Oh god, this is superb. Best prawns ever.

Still looking at my chicken skin.. Sigh~~

Aiks, stupid prawns made my hands so oily. Guess i have to use this nice-smelling tissue((:

Look at what we did to the..... what do you call that? oh well, black thing.

Our very own design(: Yays-

Stephanie and me(: she was eating her prawns , hahas :D

Stephanie, me & Marinah ((: Yay- US!

Me & Marinah. Love her! :D

After the 'TOO'-full lunch, we went to the toilet.
We took pictures there! :D

Group picture ((:

Me and Thadsha! :D

Then we went arcade to play the three-puckers thing again.
Gina & I took a picture over there(:

^^ Me and Gina.

When we went back home,
I took pictures of my present((:
I love Marinah&Stephanie's Bottle that's full of stars,
Not forgetting Gina's necklace and Thadsha's 10 bucks ;P

And today, I painted my nails! ( AGAIN )

Ta-DAA! :D

Love my darlings!!
& those people who wished me happy birthday!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nothing to say, just some silly pictures.
I took these when hanging out with Joelle at Tm .
We watched Material Girls! WOOOAh((:

Two sweet thirteen girls are turning into... BUNNIES?

La-la-la-la, La-la-la-la, elmo's WORLD!

Two hot bunnies! :D

Our foooood. Yum-Yum((:

Being a bunny wasn't a bad idea afterall... Oops, my pricetag!!

see no evil. there's evil in this picture. i shall blur it for everyone's sake((:

Not forgetting neoprints :D

Thats all for today,
dont forget tomorrow's my birthday!! :D

Friday, November 17, 2006

I can love with all my heart, but...... i guess thats it.

Oh god, today went to Tm's starbucks with Aqilah, Mm & Steph.
hahas, the first thing that hit me when i walked in,
was the aroma of StarBuck's coffee! :D
Hahas, but i didn't bought anything at first.
Then Aqilah , Steph and Mm bought themselves drinks.
They insisted i should try la-.-
So i try lor,
what's the harm of it anyway, hahas.
Oh well, because I didn't like coffee, thats why i didn't really like mm's drink.
But so far, thats the best coffee i've tasted in my whole life.
Aqilah's drink taste like ice-cream, YUMMY!
so i kinda like her drink too.
I like Stephanie's drink the best!
because her drink got cookies!
LOL, so i also buy the same as hers.
then Aqilah and i went to take MRT,
and bought a copy of Teenage magazine too.
This month's cover was Audition and Milk -,-
And please, Milk's a guy!
His chinese name is niu-nai!
Hahas, weird name he got.
Wonder why his parents gave him that name.
If i've got a baby, I would name her Anneliese.
or him, Lee Hom!
Hahas, ok fine, i won't name my baby boy Lee Hom ,
but this name belong to my 'ex-laogong'!
must show him support.
And plus, the song ' Kiss goodbye' wasn't even dedicated to me, h
it was dedicated to this girl called........ I don't know.
Ahya, heck care la.
Anyway this month's issue has got Goong's poster! ;D
I was so shocked when i saw that.

Back at home, I read finished my Teenage,
and then took out my black nail polish!
Time for a show-down!
i began painting my fingernails black and it was so NICE.
Hahas, now holiday le must grab the chance to paint my nails.
Sigh, now hardly see my cousin online....
We used to chat so much& I guess he's working bahs..
When I go back to malaysia , I will sure make fun of his ear,
because recently he has just pierced it.

Anyway, have you noticed anything different about this blog?
Yes! I've just changed my blogskin, duh.
Hahas, i'm now going for something that has a vintage-y feel.
Yups, &
i won't care anymore..and i wont giv a damn abt him anymore next yr.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I believe , we all have one true love, somewhere in this world.
-"When I found you" by Britney Spears

I love the song i'm listening to right now(:
When I found you by Britney Spears.
I know it's an old song, but it's really calming & meaningful.
So people out there, go & listen to it! :D

I'm just back from Nyaa,
and now's like, 1.20pm?
Hahas, Nyaa was unusually fun today(:
Aqilah kept on making sounds like 'Hee-Haw, Hee-haw.'
Lols, then Mm laugh until she knock onto Aqilah.
And i guess they almost fell down.
Then I keep accidentally hitting the shuttlecock onto Mm's head.
And she was so pissed and got her revenge by hitting the shuttlecock on my head!
Argh, pain LA! lols.
After that, we keep talking about lame stuffs.
As time passed by, we became more blur & crazy.
And by the time, we were all laughing and making weird sounds while hitting the 'cocks'.

After NYAA ended,
Stephanie , Aqilah & her sister decided to go out
& Mm was going out with her cousins.
So that leave me out with Gina.
Then we went central & she bought vegetables.
I asked her why did she buy it for, then she said for her spagetti.
Hahas, oh well, we wanted to grab a drink before going home,
so we went to the bubble tea shop that we usually go,
but it was really crowded.
So we went to the other shop.
Wa lao, their service were like so bad. <_<
Firstly, they were TOO slow.
Secondly, their chocolate ice blended SUCKS.
No offence, but it's true.
The one and only good thing about is that the pearls were nice(;

Oh well, since we had so much time left,
i suggested going back to school so i could purchase my exercise books.
Then we went to the bus stop and sat there, drinking our bubble tea, waiting for the bus.
These two chinese guys, came to us and asked us to donate money to this little girl for her to have enough money to operate on her eyes.
Then he said we could each donate $5 .
I was like, WTF?
$5? I don't even have a $2 with me.
Hahas, then we boarded the bus and went back to school.
Ya, I think i was feeling depressed, so i started talking about Malaysia & everything.
GAWDDD, i MISS malaysia .
it has been a century since I saw my cousins & friends.
It's time for us to reunite and build up our POWER!
AHH im going crazy liaos ><

Anyway, back to where i was talking,
Gina and I went to the bookshop and I bought my stuffs.
And then, I turned to the mirror there,
& I saw Wi-Square!!!!
OMG, i haven't see him for such a long time.
Argh, when i saw him, my heart was pumping so fast that it couldn't stop.
But i know he will be sec 4 next year,
so i wish him the best for his O levels(:
& next year, I won't like him anymore.
I'll try my best to let go of him, but I don't want to.
But it's a benefit for both of us though.
Hahas, I say until like we stead liddat.
We have not even talk before,
not even in Msn, cos i don't know his MSN email address.
My friends bet me to say hi to him on Speech's Day.
So i said hi to him only.
A simple hi, and nothing at all.
I don't want him to graduate ;_;
Oh, choy choy,
if he don't graduate, he'll be destroying his own future.
I should think before I speak, sigh.
Oh well, all the best to him..
I'm sure he'll find a girlfriend after he graduate..
well, hopefully he will.

After buying the books,
Gina & I walked home and said bye to each other later.
Sigh, I shall end here now.
Before I'll sigh and sigh non-stop again.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Argh, just came back from.. Simei.
Yepps, Simei's Pet Safari.
Now's like 5.42?
We headed to the Prudential Insurance thing in the morning, about 11am?
Yeah, & daddy was buying insurance.
And I was sitting there, reading Her world, ft. Jolin Tsai.
I flipped and flipped the pages, and suddenly saw this handsome ah-moh!
Awwwww, he's sooooo shuaiii.
He's a latin dancer(:
But I forgot his name!! >:(
OK relax, back to where I'm talking about the insurance..
So my daddy bought this insurance..
For example, when he ( touch wood choy choy ) die,
then my brother & i would get a sum of money.
When my mum heard about this, she too, wanted to buy it.
She everytime say she going to die =.=
Then I was really very angry la,
I mean, why are they looking at the negative side..

When I was young that time,
I always thought that my family & i were going to live forever..
Yeah, & then one day, I was sleeping in the middle of the night,
when i suddenly woke up.
I don't know why and I started crying.
My cries woke up my family and then they asked me what happened.
I said " We are not going to live forever liao.. We are going to die one day.. I don't want anyone to die!! "
Lol, that was... lame.
Anyway, it happened long long time ago.

Back to where I was..
Yup, & my brother and I took some pictures of ourselves & the scenery when we were going there.


Old shops, cute aren't they?

Tell you that it was raining, thank god i was in daddy's car.

Stupid faces! Took this in the lift, lol.

I love this! it was like a waterfall though(:

He insisted on making a stupid face, so i just keep my face normal(:

They were preparing for Christmas. Isn't it too fast?

Okay, that's the floor. Shiny isn't it?

Stupid lamp-post.

Unique windows! :D

fort canning(: But what's up with the white thing on the right hand side? ... Uh oh.

Busy street.

Part of china town(:

Church, no offence but it does look like some kind of cemetery.

biggest national library.

those stupid trees blocked it, so can't really get a clear view of it

stupid trees.

police car. i dont know why i took a pic of it though.

a unique building!:D


Unique building, made of rocks.

Then, we headed to Simei for lunch.
We had our lunch under the MRT station, Pick&bite.
yeah, those small and cute shops.
I love some of the food there, except the half-boiled eggs.
I ordered it, and those eggs haven't even been boiled at all.
But i love the kaya+butter toast bread!
It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious!

Hahas, after consuming our food there, we headed to Pet Safari.
I love maltese! :D
I want to buy LA.
but my daddy say dun want LA.
oh hell LA.
lol, anyway, here's some of the pictures that i took at Pet Safari.

Maltese puppies ROCKS!

Shih Tzu puppies aren't bad either((:

They looked at me! Omg, SO CUUUUUUUUUUUTEE!

I hate these kind of dogs, can't be bothered to know their breed.

Yeah, thats all..
Though I've been begging my daddy for a maltese..
He'll never ever buy it for me.. sigh..

ANyway, here's a picture of my SDO character..

And my very own Ragnarok GM (Game Master) which is me((:

That's all for today .

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