legs painpain* but worth it:D

Thursday, August 10, 2006

my legs are hurting so badly from the 4 hours's walk at TM and Century Square.
Hahas, went down with my primary school best friend, Joelle(:
We DID have some fun. WOAHHHS~
well, here are some pictures of the adventure xD

(when we were in the mrt, and we noticed there were some 'red cows'
hanging outside Whitesands Shopping Centre which is near the Mrt
Station there . haahaas)

(MINI-MELTS! that was what we ate for... lunch? haahaas.
psst, we were eating in Century Square's toilet LOLLS!)

(LOLLS. took this for fun <_< sorta cute though.)

(Looking down at the first floor from the 4th floor(: )

(took this at century square toilet. ME = yellow, JOELLE=white )

we ate macdonalds for our breakfast.
haas, damn full .
then we left for century square.
LOLL. the neo prints machine was outta order.
but then , we manage to SAVE it back (HEROS!((:)
the machine was kind enough to let us decorate our neos for 45 mins.
we FINALLY got sick and then just press OK so they can print the neos out.
and then we headed to TM.
i wanted to watch CLICK!
and she wanted to watch something about ants.
but after a sec, the tickets for CLICK were sold out.
oh damn it.
but in the end, we played arcade.
well, it was pretty embarassing though,
as there was a lot of people watching us, (WE DID NOT PLAY PARA PARA)
playing the ... FINE, i don't know what that is called.
and after we played, the machine broke down.
LOLL. we got so embarassed that we went away.
and kong wei was there, trying to tease us (DUDE, GROW UP LAH )
we got really sick and left that place.
NOISY sia >< i think we spend all our time going to and fro TM and century square,
or vice versa. joelle met one of her friends.
and i think she didn't like that girl very much .
LOLL. that girl wanted to pierce her 2nd/3rd earhole,
and wanted joelle and me to accompany her.
(walaos. scared then don't pierce larhs)
when she was piercing, we ran away. and we ran into a selling puzzles shop.
and that stupid bald uncle called us to leave his shop.
i wanted to burn down his whole shop at that moment.
anyway, joelle and me got ourselves a toe ring and a friendship band(:
sigh, my leg is still aching from that long walk........................................
i'll take a sleep now...
i suppose xD
ciaos `

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