rain bi(: yays-

Sunday, September 24, 2006

today not really much thing to say ..
so i'll just include some really nice photos here:
( of cos , my one and only, RAIN BI!! )

duh , he's now proposing to me for marriage, lolls.

isn't he cute?

(-screams-) one word- CUTE!

sigh, dumb shit dayye.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

yays, skipped tuition today(:
sigh, i'm really very scared .
i'm very sure that i will fail one subject.
i'm really very sure.
sobb>< i'll try to work hard. will try to work hard. i'll try my very best.
anyway, here's a picture i'm gonna wear to my relative's wedding:

fine i know this sucks.

one dirty day ;DD

Saturday, September 23, 2006

THADSHA, i'm so gonna kill you.

lmao nvm.
let's talk about today(:
once upon a time,
thadsha,mm,zena,steph,aqilah,gina,danette & gladys went to downtown east.
everyone bought food from the foodcourt except for gladys, who went
emicakes and buy a durian crepe.
zena & mm got tempted by it and went to buy it too.
when they came back with durian crepes in their hands,
stephanie got grossed out and ran away in disgust, screaming,

zena & mm wanted to eat carrot cake and called gladys to share with them.
mm offered to pay $2 for the carrot cake while the rest pay $1.
( isn't she 'sweet'? )
gladys went to buy it, but the uncle asked whether she wants XO in it.
then she ran back to ask them.
thadsha then yelled , " ahhh noo!! it's wine!! "
here are some pictures they took at downtown east.
(c) from thadsha's blog

sicko thadsha got bored and took a picture of aqilah's boobies.

zena was trying to avoid it, while marinah was enjoying her durian crepe(:

i'll offer you 1,000 bucks if you eat that.

i'll offer you 1,000,000,000 bucks if you drink the whole thing steph is mixing now.


well, i've no comments about this.
anyway, this was a great show(;
seeing the boys crushing each other's a-hem..
the outfits.. were beautifully designed..
the pants are.. great..
too great until can see their.. yea-you-know-what-i'm-talking-about..

it's very funny if you're there.
remember to watch out for them!(:

teenage cover(:

Thursday, September 14, 2006

hello for the second time
& here is the new cover of Oct o6 Teenage,

here it is, JAY CHOU again.
(when will it be the veronicas?)

well, there's never the veronicas on the cover before.
haahs. ><

sad day isn't it? ;_;

Thursday, September 14, 2006

change my blogskin again(:
changed for something more simple again.

sigh, tomorrow having maths test, and i'm still using the computer.
gotta stop soon, exams're around the corner.
got this freaky feeling, that i will drop to NA.
you know this is gonna be the WORST thing i ever did in my whole life.
currently, haven't yet, but i really hope that i will pass .
at least pass, and not drop to NA.

haahs, 1/7 's full of smartasses.
all their grades are higher than mine.
i'm the last in class T_T
anyway, let's not talk about it.

sigh, i miss him so much.
too bad he's not in...

i wants to return to MALAYSIA.
i'm like that.
&& i'm freaking sensitive.
i can cry if someone who's really close to me says he/she hate me.
i won't slap his/her face, but just look down and walk away.
and i've been having sleepless nights..
dreaming about malaysia,
that i'll never return there again..
never to see my friends..
i miss LIN, KG, and loadies.
thinking of them makes me smile.
and i never thought of anything bad when i'm there.

well, that's about it..
just writing how i feel that's all,
that's the purpose of keeping a blog.
i need to revise for my maths test tmr.

PS: i miss u guys.

;_; i going CRAZ-ee.

Friday, September 08, 2006

well, i will not play the song at my blog again..
makes me feel like crying everytime..
makes me think of msia and people..
i just couldn't face reality that i'm back in singapore,
well, maybe i got some kind of sickness,
not wanting to return to my own "BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAN" country,
( pukes )
sigh, frankly speaking,
i think that singapore is full of miserable people,
stuckup snobs, proud cocks, depression, sadness..
hahas, maybe you would say that
i don't know how to enjoy life.
hahas, maybe this is one of the problem.
i only knows that, msian are not that proudd ass
like singaporeans.
they are so humble, friendly and easy-going .
one second you can make a million friends.
well let's not talk about it.
i really must lose weight!!
here, i found something..

Message #109/07/06 08:50 PM
has anyone here heard of the water diet or done it. wear u drink 8 oz. of water during and after a meal. i heard someone lost 70 lbs in 7 months. i want to try it. any opinions? starting tomorrow

Message #209/07/06 10:48 PM
I have heard of this for a long time but haven't tried it. I guess if you really drink water you feel full and don't eat so much. Also, when you feel hungry ask yourself if maybe you are really just thirsty. Drink water and then wait 30 minutes. If you are still hungry, eat something healthful. I will try it too. Starting tomorrow. Hope we will lose weight!

well, i suppose that water will really help us to lose some weight..

well, i found a good website for people who wants to lose weight..

thats all..
gotta do my hwk .

crying for memories-

Thursday, September 07, 2006

here, i am in singapore.
i cried while leaving msia.
c'mon, it's normal.
if u have deep feelings for something,
and u're gonna leave it,
i bet u would cry harder than me.
it's just some things i couldn't bear to
part with..

i think everyone goes through this too.
somethings i couldn't part with:
my cousin,SIANGSIANG
my relatives,
my friends,
K . G!

well, that's life..
it will soon be the november's hols.
i shall wait,
and i hope they will wait for me too ;DD
well, if you guys feel sad for me,
( after reading my solemn blog >< )
then pray hard that i will pass my end of year exam
and return to msia .

now , time to look through the photos of the times
i had in msia.

me & cousin, siangsiang(:

SIANGSIANG, cute horhs?

me&SIANGSIANG again!

love the smell, the atmosphere, the feeling..

siangSIANG worrs(:

me&siangSIANG in the dark

at jack's place , yummy food there (:

SIANG, bro& me heading off to lostworld

LIN and ME((:

LOSTWORLD's entrance

Lostworld's entrance

lostworld's entrance

Lostworld's entrance

LOSTWORLD's souvenir shop

they sell this! cute isn't it.

LOstworld ; (:

my shadow at the wave pool..

my footprints..

the wave pool;;

SIANGSIANG& BRO on a tube (:

side view of Wave pool

this zone is for KIDDIES only. but i can come too!
cos i'm a kiddy! jkjk.

babeh, i love the tube raiders up there.

here is the tube cave.. u can borrow ur tube here.

tiger cubs!

YAY, we've reach the TIGER VALLEY, look at these facts.

here's the tiger (:

you can ride the horse , RM 5..

the pot will get full, and it goes splash! youre dead! haahs.

LASTLY, a pic of my hand and a statue of a tortise..

i have to stop here before i start crying again ><"

days in malaysia :D

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LOCATION: in msia now.

bloody hell, this sucks.
i'm only in msia for 5 DAYS.
and tomorrow i'm LEAVING.
well, i can say that i'll miss msia a LOT.
i won't say anything here.
anyway , i got some pictures from LOSTWORLD, as i went there yesterday.
hahas. it was really very fun.
there're these tube raiders, that really thrills me lots.
well, i will explain how it works.
FIRSTLY- take a yellow tube from the counter.
SECONDLY- take your tube and climb up the hills .
THIRDLY- put your tube on the slide( there's 4 different big slides ) and get ready.
( the shuai ger will help you. hahas. )
LASTLY- slide down and SPLASH!
( it's 1o1% FUN, and you feel like you're gonna trip over )
and there's this.. jungle wave bay..
every 15 mins, ( i think ),
there'll be this big wave..
it's more like a beach,
EXCEPT that there's no sea creatures. LOLL.
only human(:
When you sit in the swimming pool, the wave will wash you ashore.
Then, i saw this really cute horse, surrounded by a lot of children.
I went over there and it cost RM5 to ride on it.
Cheap huh?
Then, as i walk further,
there was this Tiger Valley,
and there were two tigers.
OMG, i got to admit this but they looking really very beautiful.
The staffs were feeding there and they ate hungrily.
Then, I went to play the tube raiders again.
It's really very tiring to climb up with the tube .
The hot spring gross me out.
It has grass and mud in it as it is near the grass and muddy water.
Then, i went to ride on the stormrider,
sounds childish isn't it?
But actually, it's just a big boat and it just swings about..

And two girls behind me were screaming their heads off.
What the bloody hell.
It's just a ride , c'mon.
It's not really very scary, just a bit thrilling.
A pity that i did not ride on the Adventure River.
It's the longest man-made river in Asia.
Thank god i have some pictures which i took from Lostworld,
I'll update it when i go back to Singapore(:

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