;_; i going CRAZ-ee.

Friday, September 08, 2006

well, i will not play the song at my blog again..
makes me feel like crying everytime..
makes me think of msia and people..
i just couldn't face reality that i'm back in singapore,
well, maybe i got some kind of sickness,
not wanting to return to my own "BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAN" country,
( pukes )
sigh, frankly speaking,
i think that singapore is full of miserable people,
stuckup snobs, proud cocks, depression, sadness..
hahas, maybe you would say that
i don't know how to enjoy life.
hahas, maybe this is one of the problem.
i only knows that, msian are not that proudd ass
like singaporeans.
they are so humble, friendly and easy-going .
one second you can make a million friends.
well let's not talk about it.
i really must lose weight!!
here, i found something..

Message #109/07/06 08:50 PM
has anyone here heard of the water diet or done it. wear u drink 8 oz. of water during and after a meal. i heard someone lost 70 lbs in 7 months. i want to try it. any opinions? starting tomorrow

Message #209/07/06 10:48 PM
I have heard of this for a long time but haven't tried it. I guess if you really drink water you feel full and don't eat so much. Also, when you feel hungry ask yourself if maybe you are really just thirsty. Drink water and then wait 30 minutes. If you are still hungry, eat something healthful. I will try it too. Starting tomorrow. Hope we will lose weight!

well, i suppose that water will really help us to lose some weight..

well, i found a good website for people who wants to lose weight..

thats all..
gotta do my hwk .

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