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Saturday, September 23, 2006

THADSHA, i'm so gonna kill you.

lmao nvm.
let's talk about today(:
once upon a time,
thadsha,mm,zena,steph,aqilah,gina,danette & gladys went to downtown east.
everyone bought food from the foodcourt except for gladys, who went
emicakes and buy a durian crepe.
zena & mm got tempted by it and went to buy it too.
when they came back with durian crepes in their hands,
stephanie got grossed out and ran away in disgust, screaming,

zena & mm wanted to eat carrot cake and called gladys to share with them.
mm offered to pay $2 for the carrot cake while the rest pay $1.
( isn't she 'sweet'? )
gladys went to buy it, but the uncle asked whether she wants XO in it.
then she ran back to ask them.
thadsha then yelled , " ahhh noo!! it's wine!! "
here are some pictures they took at downtown east.
(c) from thadsha's blog

sicko thadsha got bored and took a picture of aqilah's boobies.

zena was trying to avoid it, while marinah was enjoying her durian crepe(:

i'll offer you 1,000 bucks if you eat that.

i'll offer you 1,000,000,000 bucks if you drink the whole thing steph is mixing now.


well, i've no comments about this.
anyway, this was a great show(;
seeing the boys crushing each other's a-hem..
the outfits.. were beautifully designed..
the pants are.. great..
too great until can see their.. yea-you-know-what-i'm-talking-about..

it's very funny if you're there.
remember to watch out for them!(:

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