Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ok, I just found a nice song 10 seconds ago!
Over my head by Fray ((:
It's a nice song.
Found that when i was browsing through a girl's (who's using my blogskins) blog.
It sounds emo, but sweet to me .
I'm gonna write as long as possible.
So I can cover up my pictures that's just below.
( Scroll down if you want to see it )

Well, here's something i found in a website.

Just click la.

Nothing much will happen anyway,

So click if you want to :)

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Together since 28'12'06..
I'll never forget this day..
You make my life complete..

Everytime see you purposely go outside smoke..
Because you didn't want to let me breathe in the harmful smoke..
Then why you still smoke? T__T
But i'll still love you! :D

10 Feb is your birthday.
Another 4 more days is Valentine's day!

And I know you're working really hard..
But it's okay.
I know you'll miss me xDD

know you're sleeping now.
or hanging out with friends, yam cha?
i'll miss you!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

changed a blogskin again.
+ a section , " Link Me Up~ "
If you want to link me with a picture,
please copy the codes and paste it into your template :)

Oh.. this is the third day since i'm back in singapore.
I miss my t so much <33
the past few days we keep sms-ing each other non-stop.
and i can't help it all right!
I know my handphone bills are going to be high again.

Hahas, he never sms me anymore.
And i can guess why.
Because his handphone no money le.
Its all because of me..
All my fault .. T_T
Haiz, so sad.
I miss him loads........
It's hard to keep a long distance relationship in one piece.
But with our happy memories, maybe we can be together forever.

The day before yesterday, he started planning our future!
Lol. Aren't he sweet? :)
He said that what if he have no money to support me?
And what if my parents and his parents object to our relationship?
All i could do is to tell him not to worry that much.
Oh well, inside i'm actually worried..
Haiz, thinking of these problems make me sad.
Alright, I won't make myself miserable.
I'll just update some pictures that i took in malaysia.
It won't be that much..

Hahas, i know what ure thinking.. u think i smoke yeah? oh well... maybe i do.

I took tis, looks like a pro who took that yeah? xD

I'm against gays :D


smile for him only :)

my darling siang siang!

My good friend , Danny :D

Ate at KFC during christmas eve. but after that we went kbox and celebrated christmas by spraying snow at everyone.

oh well, i still wish to go back malaysia..
:)) i love those happy memories..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

tomorrow i'll be going back to singapore.
it's freaking depressing for me~
my friends will miss me!
& i know that alright.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

christmas present?

u're seriously asking for one?
NO. and NO.
youre supposed to give me a present
and not vice versa >:
daddy's giving me a N70.
and my brother's getting a PSP :
he's pretty lucky yeah?
and he's gonna share his PSP with me >:D

oh well, after so many days of BOREDOM in malaysia,
i finally got some " what-i-call-fun" (:
i saw HW :D
and he's so darnn hot.

but neither did i expect he would come up to me and say hi~
i think he wanna give me a heart attack so i would disappear =.=
then he shaked my hand but did not tell me his name.
and of course,
in such a 'critical' situation ,
i can't possibly tell him my name too.

then his friends and him went outside and smoked for a while.
can't help looking at him :after that he came in and looked at at what my cousin was playing.

since he looked so into that game,
i played the game too.
then his stupid skinny friend told me (in mandarin),
" Don't be so childish la~"
thank god HW came to my rescue.
he scolded that guy in cantonese with mandarin,
" Stupid , it's not childish la, it's cute and innocent "

Though he has all what a bad boy should have,
( pierced ears, rings on his fingers, coloured hair, smoke, ride motorbike)
but he doesn't and TOTALLY don't behave like one.
he's kind and nice.

but yesterday,
my friend, Winn (he's a guy=.=) was celebrating his friend's birthday with his friends outside .
there was a couple of girls around.
and i caught him looking at them and combed his hair.

after that, he ride his motorbike and went home,
claiming he want to settle some personal matters.
maybe he's a womanizer.
maybe he likes to flirt with girls.
maybe he have a lot of girlfriends.
and i'm jealous =x

oh , the fact is that i'm VERY VERY jealous!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

oh my GOD.
i can't believe i saw him, after so many days of his disappearance.
when i saw him..
and he saw me..
it was like. oh my GOD!
we met again.
he has changed so much ..

we know each other..
but dont really talk..
he knows i like him..
last time he used to play online games with me.
and we killed a lot of people :]

alright ,
people changed..
so do i.
memories are memories.
they can't help to keep things together forever.

Friday, December 01, 2006

this totally SUCKS.

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