Saturday, December 23, 2006

christmas present?

u're seriously asking for one?
NO. and NO.
youre supposed to give me a present
and not vice versa >:
daddy's giving me a N70.
and my brother's getting a PSP :
he's pretty lucky yeah?
and he's gonna share his PSP with me >:D

oh well, after so many days of BOREDOM in malaysia,
i finally got some " what-i-call-fun" (:
i saw HW :D
and he's so darnn hot.

but neither did i expect he would come up to me and say hi~
i think he wanna give me a heart attack so i would disappear =.=
then he shaked my hand but did not tell me his name.
and of course,
in such a 'critical' situation ,
i can't possibly tell him my name too.

then his friends and him went outside and smoked for a while.
can't help looking at him :after that he came in and looked at at what my cousin was playing.

since he looked so into that game,
i played the game too.
then his stupid skinny friend told me (in mandarin),
" Don't be so childish la~"
thank god HW came to my rescue.
he scolded that guy in cantonese with mandarin,
" Stupid , it's not childish la, it's cute and innocent "

Though he has all what a bad boy should have,
( pierced ears, rings on his fingers, coloured hair, smoke, ride motorbike)
but he doesn't and TOTALLY don't behave like one.
he's kind and nice.

but yesterday,
my friend, Winn (he's a guy=.=) was celebrating his friend's birthday with his friends outside .
there was a couple of girls around.
and i caught him looking at them and combed his hair.

after that, he ride his motorbike and went home,
claiming he want to settle some personal matters.
maybe he's a womanizer.
maybe he likes to flirt with girls.
maybe he have a lot of girlfriends.
and i'm jealous =x

oh , the fact is that i'm VERY VERY jealous!

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