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Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm falling asleep soon..
Yesterday had dirty talk again..
Slept at 1am..
Then woke up at 6.20 am..
Late lerrrs >.-

took this picture in the bus.
looks scary yeah?
reminds me of the japanese ghost movie, ju-on.
thank me.
i'm a pro photographer.
i'm praising myself.
what the hell.
it's late now.
i'm sleepy.
i made and designed a valentine's day stationary.
it can be found in the visitors's section.
you can save the picture and print it and use it for writing down notes.
or writing love letter to your valentine.
i want to write to my laogong yrret :)
ok, i love him so much!
i'm sleepy le.
good nights.

He's mine.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

LAST DAY OF CAMP; Back to school YEAH!

hahas.. okok..
now i shall upload some pictures that i took yesterday..

see our shoes, with cow dung luhh.

my stuffs. heehees.

me and zena the warrior. wooo :)

stephanie and me :)

thats all for today .
bbuhhye :)

Yay, camp is FINALLY OVER!

Friday, January 26, 2007

My eyes are closing now..
It's already 11.50pm and I'm not in bed..
Today I just came back from our NYAA camp.
It was supposed to be really FUN.
but there was this f-king 'cher who was in charge of our class made everyone unhappy.
She thought she's the queen and have to control our movements and everything yeah?
I want to walk in the mud also her problem is it?
I don't even know her man.
I wonder how her husband ( if she has got one ) stand her.

Anyway, the first day of the NYAA camp was like.. totally boring..
The second day was like climbing rocks ..
And doing challenging things..
I hate the one when you have to lean back and walk on the wall til u reach the ground.
It was so freaking scary when the instructor called me to lean back.
I heard somebody saying " Gladys you're playing with your life" in my mind.
But in the end I made it..
Woah.. :)

After that was the jumping thing.
You have to climb up high and jump to reach out for the thing.
I felt like I was committing suicide when i jumped down.
My heart was like coming out during that moment.
ZZzzz. After all these, I have not overcome my fears for height.

Then at night, we had to cook our own maggee noodles !
I guess the fire was really small,
cos after waiting for 30 minutes, my egg was not even cooked at all =.="
I really freaked out when we were doing our nightwalk
I couldn't even see a single shit.
And I didn't even know what i was stepping on,
cos the whole night I was holding onto zena's hands for my dear life.
How pathetic am I?

Then today we went for our expedition during the daytime.
Totally suckkkkkkkkkk.
We had to soak our shoes in cows' dung.
Ok, what i mean was soaking our shoes in mud.
But the mud were made of cows' dung.
So what's the different?
They look and smell like them.
At the end of the day, our whole shoes were like, brown with cows' shitt.
We had to even lie down on the grass patches and get bitten by red ants.
Good for the teachers la.
They were just standing there, enjoying the scenery.
AND ordering us what we had to do.
For example,
" 20 pushups!!"
" Stand up.... Sit down... Stand up.. Sit down.."
" 1..2..3.. Stop! Pushup position NOW! "
Hahas, sounds familiar yeah?
Only people who are from PRCS know who will say all these .
And I slipped down when I was walking on the mud.
It's really slippery.

After that we went back to our dorm to pack our stuffs.
My PE pants were missing and I found them in the girls' toilet.
Then we rushed to the parade ground and settled down.
We had to clean the canteen and everything,
which was tough work after a day at Bukit Timah Hill.

When we reached school,
Zena, Thadsha, Danette and I took 358 to Downtown east.
I guess I got possessed and started talking rubbish.
Kept laughing non-stop.
Zena and Thadsha were laughing like crazy too.
Especially the part when I did my cowboy thing and my noodle flied to the ground.
What the hell .
Lol. But I guess it was pretty funny afterall.
SIgh, My eyes are really closing down.
I'm turning in..
Goodnight :)

A sudden change.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Guess what?
I'm on a diet >:)

Yes, i might skip meals.
And I shall avoid oily and fattening food.
But I failed today!
I ate a chicken wing.
And thats was so FATTENING.

Nvm I've gotta go.
Just received a call...
Tears are stinging my eyes now.
I hope you guys get what i mean..
I shall stop here now.

I totally hate it!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let me get this fuuucckiinggg straight.
Sky online is for bitches and bastards.
Except yrret, kitkor and my friends(:

I still remember the time I was standing outside Sky Online.
Some bastards come and kacau me.
I not prositute la lanjiao kias, i am faithful de.
So i told myself not to go Sky Online anymore..
NEVEER, in my whole life.
Maybe not in my whole life..

I miss yrret so much..
wonder how he is now..
Hope youre doing fine darling..
remember to miss me everyday..
thats what u promised me , remember? (:

Oh well,
whatever it is now..
we've gotta overcome these few years of separation..
when you get ur passport..
come and find me..
i'll be here..
waiting for you...

A day at the beach.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm sorry for not posting for so many days.
Because I'm really busy with the visitors' section.
And making icons and all that :D
Do take a look when you're free.
But if you're using it, please CREDIT me.
Because everything in this blog is DONE by me.

So, the past few days..
What actually happened?
Hahas, i'm lazy to type out..
So just look at this pictures..

charlie's angel :D

Hands uppp


our feet;

our names

Rope swing =)

goodbyee darling..


our icecream. heeh

jump jump JUMP

most beautiful rainbow i've ever seen in my whole life.

cute and rude blonde guy.



pet safari.


mm love this toy poodle

but i like this

and this



tongues out


...... fake dog

fish paradise lol

me & steph


boobie and me'

reflections inside the mrt train

mickey mouse ring

i'm wearing it!!

my japanese lamen

my sushi

eat finish liao

mirror reflection

he pproposed!

Hahas, thats all for todayyyyyyyy.

The Museum of TWITS!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm feeling sleepy..
just went to to check out a few blogskins done by others.
i've to admit that those were shits.
there're not a single image or anything,
except a sentence ,
" w0 heennn aii niii w0rrrs.. "
Ok, these kind of people are totally wasting space.
Another one was not that ridiculous as the first one,
but still, shit.
She just included her act cute face in the blog ,
and then, nothing at all.
Just her stupid face .

Ok, these people are filed under " TWITS"
For more information about twits, please kindly visit
It's interesting, and show a lot of things about TWITS.
To me, they act cute to attract attention la.
When you're really cute when you act cute,
it's okay la.
But some people,
are simply so f-king disgusting when they act cute.
I've seen a lot of these in friendster.
Friendster is the best source to find act cute girls.

alright, I have to go and accompany T le :D
Goodbye all.

I'll be there for him.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Omg, first day of school.
I felt so weird to be back in school again.
I guess it's normal yahh?

Today, just talked on the phone with him.
He sounded really hurt and sad.
Sob T_T
I just told him to cheer up and I'll be there whenever he needs someone to be there for him.
When he felt better, I said goodbye and we hung up.
Zzzz.. I wonder when is he going to stop worrying..

Maybe, one day ..
When he trust me COMPLETELY....

Monday, January 01, 2007

oh my GAWD :O
Look at my nails!

They're so long and yellowish!
Smoke too much lor.. Hmm..

I think is the nail polish's fault >:(
Because my nails was coated with hot pink nail polish one month ago,
and I left it there until now..

Now it's so yellow.
Thanks to the nail polish!
Grrr >:(

But I like my nails length ..
BUT! two minutes ago i just had them cut short.
My nails look bald now.
I just wish the holiday would come soon..

Then I can leave my nails long..
And I can get to see him too.. <3

Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm sorry I made you suffer on New Year's Eve.
I'm sorry for not being there for you.
i'm sorry I didn't made you happy.
I'm sorry for causing you to be so lonely..


I promise you that I'll make up to you if I have the chance to..
I promise.

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