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Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm feeling sleepy..
just went to to check out a few blogskins done by others.
i've to admit that those were shits.
there're not a single image or anything,
except a sentence ,
" w0 heennn aii niii w0rrrs.. "
Ok, these kind of people are totally wasting space.
Another one was not that ridiculous as the first one,
but still, shit.
She just included her act cute face in the blog ,
and then, nothing at all.
Just her stupid face .

Ok, these people are filed under " TWITS"
For more information about twits, please kindly visit
It's interesting, and show a lot of things about TWITS.
To me, they act cute to attract attention la.
When you're really cute when you act cute,
it's okay la.
But some people,
are simply so f-king disgusting when they act cute.
I've seen a lot of these in friendster.
Friendster is the best source to find act cute girls.

alright, I have to go and accompany T le :D
Goodbye all.

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