I totally hate it!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let me get this fuuucckiinggg straight.
Sky online is for bitches and bastards.
Except yrret, kitkor and my friends(:

I still remember the time I was standing outside Sky Online.
Some bastards come and kacau me.
I not prositute la lanjiao kias, i am faithful de.
So i told myself not to go Sky Online anymore..
NEVEER, in my whole life.
Maybe not in my whole life..

I miss yrret so much..
wonder how he is now..
Hope youre doing fine darling..
remember to miss me everyday..
thats what u promised me , remember? (:

Oh well,
whatever it is now..
we've gotta overcome these few years of separation..
when you get ur passport..
come and find me..
i'll be here..
waiting for you...

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