Girl can't stop eating chocolates!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Since the day my daddy brought the Meiji Milk Chocolate Bar home,
I've been keep pestering him for more.
I ate 6 bars of it!

A must try chocolate!
It is so good that you will crave for more!
I'm so addicted to it.

and Hubby say I cannot eat too much wor!
He say later I will become fatfat!
But he's satisfied because if i become fat,
nobody will want me.
Lol, so silly :)
But I like it.
Because it's so cute! :D

I think I'm in love with the song.
That song is so nice :)
Here's part of the lyrics.

Translated in English:

You always say you're busy with your work..
And feels very sorry to me..
Worry that I'll be alone shopping and eating..
Nobody to be with..

if you guys want to hear the song,
no worries people.
This song has been put up on my site now.
So what you're listening now is this.
You'll find the lyrics that I've mentioned above.

This afternoon,
My brother asked me why do I always take photos of buildings and stuffs.
Well, I don't know.
Anything that I think are inspirational,
I'll take a photo of it.
Unlike my brother,
who just stare at things and forget about it within a few seconds.
He should learn from his big sister okay? :)

Hahas. But my brother is quite curious about stuffs actually.
He asked me why his wrist is bigger than mine.
Cos he took my bangle and tried putting them on.
Then I told him,
"Because your wrists is fatter than mine!"
Aww, he looked so hurt.
So in the end,
I made him happy by saying,
" Ok la. Let's shed off some fats and we'll have wrists that are of the same size lor."
He just gave me a smirk and continued to play his maplestory.
Oh whatever -.-

There're nothing to post much actually.
But anyone who wants to know who is skunky,
just ask me on Msn.
Lol, I won't tell Skunky herself of course.

I shall end here now.
Til then!

Heh, a picture of my brother and me before i go :D

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