Happy 3rd month anniversary baby!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

today's our 3rd month together!
I'm so happy and fortunate to have such a loving baby
I love him so much can?

time to update my blog before it's DEAD.
Here's the photos that jiawen and i took at bugis.
Lol, Im simply lazy.
Don't blame me alright? ;D

we were goddamn greedy that day.
But I managed to got myself :
-A tube top with a belt.
-A tube dress which has a ribbon behind.
-A pair of pointed heels, which look like that.

And I bought a pair of earrings from fresh profusion:

and bought a beaded necklace and a ring for dear.
Well, we ate spagetti at Teenage cafe,
and it was like heaven!
Jiawen keep stealing my mushrooms though.
Lol, it was really funny.
We saw many bags,
but we didn't had much money with us,
so we could only admire them from far..
I want the shoulder bag mannn!
So pretty LA!
But its way beyond my budget.
Reached home almost 8.
But i had fun! :D
Thanks to jiawen who made my day
I love you darling! :)

And sunday..
went out with thadsha to vivocity.
Lol, the best thing is the pool at the top!

Hello! :)

Heading for love! Damn my ass look so big.

O_O So low!


I love my pointy heels! :D

Then we met our seniors at cineleisure's long john silver.
And guess what?
I saw this couple french kissing and lying on the ground!
It's not shameless,
but i think it's really...
erm.. i can't find the word for it.
Well, if they want to kiss,
can't they do that somewhere in private?
LOL x)

I haven't even do my english homework yet!
Ok, got to rush!
Can't wait for tomorrow's jelly making!
Lol, i'm not very excited about it actually.
I just want to earn money.
Sadly, the money we're making doesn't go into my pocket.
Nevermind ):

I need money, DESPERATELY!
any kind souls willing to donate money to me?
Lol, if i'm selling my mp3 player away,
anyone wants to buy?
If yes,
contact me at sugarified-x@hotmail.com

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