A boring day

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sigh, I'm really bored!!
So I was drawing stuffs using Photoshop Cs2,
and it turns out to be like that (above) ..
Lol, my drawing totally sucks.

This wednesday, which had just passed, was really fun!
Because we went Art Museum and get to find out and learnt more about paintings that are worth a million times more than our drawings.
I found one that it is really nice.
Simply felt like heaven.
It's so... heavenly and peaceful :)
But we can't take pictures in the museum.
But I infringed the rules by sneaking out my handphone and took two pictures inside the museum.

And outside the museum,

This is a really interesting fountain though.
It spins around and looks kinda cute to me ;)

And in da museum's toilet!
Haha, dutch's tying her hair! :P

Don't you think that the art museum's toilets has got style? :)
I totally love the walls.

And not forgetting, today's photos.
Just hanging around in class..

Uh.. pretty lame . lol.

Well, they are practising for speech day..
Good luck all.
Hope i don't have duties on that day.

I love my classroom! :D
And him!

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