Stop screaming my name!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hello MR ***.
Please stop screaming my name over the public address system!
I always get pissed off if you do that.
Whenever you scream my name,
I feel like strangling you, HARD.

Okay, look.
I need to get out of that fucking CCA, fast.
I can't possibly spend my other 2 years facing that dumbass.
He's so irritating.
Argh, I wish he would just disappear.
How can he, embarrass me in front of more than 100+ students?
I'll slap my brother if he do.
Not to mention a teacher who i don't even know well.

MOE pays him to teach us to handle the control things.
How can we learnt everything by ourselves?
Hey can he fucking use his fucking useless brain?
He says that we need to use our common sense.
Thats totally the opposite.
It's like learning maths.
How can you learn it within 1 fucking minute.
And of course not, with his disgusting saliva on his mouth.
Anyway, lets not talk about him to spoil our happy mood.

Hmm, guess what?
Yesterday my malaysian cousin came and visited me! :D
Aww, i miss him so much!
And he told me that yrret said that he miss me too~
Sweet right? (:
Some random pictures with my cousin :D

And today when we went Wild wild wet.
i wasn't allowed to play those water rides,
because i was not wearing swimsuit.
and the person called me to take off my shirt,
i was like wtf?
if i take off,
i'll be left with..
so i didn't get to play..

And when we were at Whitesands sushi,
they were already busy closing the shop,
but nevertheless we just went in!
and they were giving us the evil eye,
as we were sort of stopping them from going home early.
Lol, thats TYPICAL singaporean.
And besides, singapore food are so, ew.
malaysian have delicious food okeh.

and somemore the hei sushi has got one small little cockroach crawling over.
cos we were sitting at the table where theres a hole at the bottom and you would need to put your legs inside.
the designs were nice,
but not the attitude or the food.
the prawn sushi doesn't seem to be fresh at all.

after that,
as my aunt's husband is also from malaysia and didn't know much about the laws in singapore,
he drove inside the bus interchange and we hopped in there.
but we were stopped by some bus drivers and they even took our picture!
Fuck them.
Who gives them the fucking right to take picture of us?
And the photographer was so desperate to take picture of us!
Cibai knns o0o =x
Well, I almost punched that fucking bus driver who shouted non-stop,
saying that we can't drive into the bus interchange.
Hey, they didn't put any fucking thing that says that cars cannot drive into the interchange.
They didn't even informed the foreigners.
Though singapore is really beautiful,
more beautiful than malaysia somehow,
but the attitude, the services, the people are way TOO terrible.
tsk tsk.

here's a picture of my cousin and me! :D

Cutie cousin and shuai yrret ,
i love you all <3

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