Yay, we won 4 adult tickets to Wild Wild Wet!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Yay, my daddy won 4 tickets to Wild Wild Wet.
So this coming saturday, we are making a trip there!
HipHip Hooray! :D

Alright, I have to update my blog before it gets too rusty and old.
Ok, Cross-Country, Cheering competition and about today's outing! :D
It's going to be a long, long...
(Hey this is really going to be very longg.. are u ready for it? hahas, i'm talking as if this is fear factor or something.)

... POST!

Should I talk about the cross country + cheering competition first or today's outing?
Hmm, i guess i shalls start with the cc+cc .
Sorry for the late posting of pictures and everything,
lazy to type and upload the pictures .
But since i'm free now,
why not i upload today?
Hahas, yeah I'm doing it now.

Guess what?
Our class, 2/7 won 1st runner-up for the cheering competition! :D
Hiphip Hooray!

Our class photo! :D ( according to index no. )

Thadsha, marinah, me, ms kamath, aqilah and stephanie.

Victory picture! Thadsha, Daniel, me and Stephanie.

Taken at Downtown east by thadsha.. LOL Went there to have our lunch.. nothing to do .. :P

We love the neoprint machine..

But we don't have the money to take neoprints.. :(

And while taking bus to bedok reservoir for our Cross-Country. Double-Decker bus rocks :D

Crestians on board! :D

Camwhoring with mm :D

We look so innocent.. >:D

Roarrr :[[ we are fierce. do not provoke us >:/

We shh0 kawaiie nehhs.. SmUaCS.. =="

My hands figured out that they wanted to camwhore too.. :D

Lol, Mm's hands were jealous and joined in too :D

Beautiful view of the sky..

'Pretty' Weather.

Reaching bedok reservoir soon! :D

The scenery was so nice just before the mosquito swats team came and suck us..

Can you imagine us running in this scotching hot weather?

Everyone's hiding under the shelter..

Granites are nice to play with..

I love the bridge! :D See the so-caalled lettuces growing there?

Hehe, the water is so clear ^^ Somehow this reminds me of something sweet

Mm, rachel and me :D

My foot facing the clear and beautiful water.. Aww, what a beautiful scenery.. ;D


L is for the way you look at me,
O is for the only one I see,
V is very very, extraordinary,
E is even more than anyone that you adore can LOVE, it’s all that I can give to you Love, is more than just a game for two Two in love can make it, take my heart, but please don’t break it Love, was made for me and you…

Me and thadsha getting prepared for the cross-country .

Those trees remind me of my childhood..

LOL, guess what.
I didn't really run at all.
I just walked throughout the whole park with Charlene
and we were almost the last few.
Hey this is a friendly match.
There's no benefits actually.
Well, then there was this big van that was giving away free milo..
I drank three cups!
Argh so shock seh :D

Sigh.. So tired.. After running 4.5km..

2/7, our class. victory for us! :D

After the cross-country, we decided to pay a visit to our dancer, Lester.
He had a big bum bum on his head :O
And and, he sprained both of his hands..
Argh, it hurts..

Walking to his house,
As the sun sets..

While looking down at the 12th floor..

Haha, after visiting..
We went home.
I reached my house about 8.15pm..
Late yeah?
Because Aqilah and I walked to Whitesands to buy some snacks from Old Changkee.

On the next day,
we had our ABRSM exams!
And I would be getting my grade 1 certificate!
I CANNOT fail the examinations okeh.
After that,
I was supposed to go out with Thadsha.
But it was cancelled, again for the third time.
Okay, I admitted I was pissed off but in the end I got over it.
I accompanied Jiawen and Joleen to Central and I tried controlling myself from buying bubble tea, but as usual, I failed.
Well, in the end i bought chocolate ice blended with extra pearls.
LOL, then played this lame machine.
You have to insert $1 coin and you have two chances to try and pick up the stuff toy.
I was taking my time to position the metal thing that has hooks on it.
And I didn't realise that the machine was counting..
there goes my first try :(
I also got it when I tried for the second time..
But the thing sort of released and my softtoy dropped.
Cheat my money sehh :/

After that,
we went to the 'turn-turn' machine and slotted some $1 coins in it.
Aliens in those transparent balls start coming out of the hole,
Jiawen and Joleen got the nice ones.
While I got the handicapped ones.
It's either the heads or the hands are broken.
Well, thats a gift from god to me :(

Our alien babies.. muackkssss

My 'handless' alien baby..

Jiawen's shadow and my shadow :)

What a long long way to go... Lol..

Candid. ^_^

Pretty overhead bridge overloaded with flowers.

Jiawen's nipples. Hoho! LOLL :D

My leg was really itchy.. then scratched non-stop and it bled so much..

BLOOD! -faints-

Hahas, visited lester with our presents.. :D

LOLL. jiawen so cute!! :D

Okay, now I'll be talking about today's outing to ECP..
Met thadsha at bedok mrt interchange.
Then we went to withdraw money and took a cab to East Coast Park.
I love it there! :D
We rented two bike for $5 EACH and you could cycle it for 2 hours as long as you are still in the park.
Because it is pretty big there.
I didn't know that it was so cheap.
But the bikes were hard to ride.
Have to exert great force to get it moving on.

Keeping on the right track..

After cycling for 45 minutes NON-STOP,
we got pretty thirsty and went to the hawker centre to get ourselves a drink.
Lol, we cooled down and started camwhoring! :D

Thadsha and me. My eyes look terribly small x/

After all the refreshing drinks,
we continued our journey and then, stopped by the sand castleland.
It was sooo beautifuL!

The dream castle..
for termites? :x

Under construction.. :(

Indian Palace.. So nice! :D

Modelling for Cookie-Monster.net.tf Mag?
LOL anyone want to subscribe?
I bet no one would.

My dream dream dream castle with my prince charming, yrret! :D
MUACCKKSS, lol i'm in dreamland..

Me and thadsha . Uhh, can't see the background, sobsob. ;_;

Lol, after that we proceeded to the next stop, the pier!
Yeah, all the loners were there,
fishing for fishes.
Oh course, duh.
Lol, it seems like there are no life there.
It's so peaceful and TOO quiet.
We were watched by the people over there.
And i got quite freaked out.
Our music was blasting and corrupting the whole environment there..
Nevertheless, we continued to enjoy the breeze and scenery there.
Which led us to.. camwhoring again.

On the edge of breaking down..

My bike at the pier.

OO. it's gonna rain anytime ;_;

Lol, see one of the loners there. Sigh.

Dutch and me :D

Nice Nice can? :D

Nobody rejects me for a kissey kiss! :D

When thadsha rejected it, I got pretty emo after that :(

Lol, nevermind.
We went to a isolate place after that.
Saw this lady and her boyfriend having a picnic.
I think she never wear panties.
LOL, because her butt was showing laa.
Thadsha was laughing like crazy :P

The scenery :)
After that, we went to return our bikes and went to macdonalds.
We decided to go Safra actually and called several people.
But they can't go :(
So in the end went downtown east and play arcade with Thadsha.
Spotted a hot car, lol as usual thadsha will scream and shout and swoon over it.

Lol, thats the white car.

Yupps, after spending our time at the arcade,
we went to funky balls,
which people go there to play pool.
People who are under 16 are not supposed to enter,
but we went in anyway.
I felt so.. illegal?
Lol, and felt so bored looking at people playing pool.
Yen soon was there playing too,
and he , too is still 15 yrs old.

Lol, all i know is that they're hitting colourful balls with sticks.

Okay laa.
I'm ending my post here.

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