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Monday, April 02, 2007

I bought a BadBoy stuff toy / cushion today~

Striking a pose~

Welcome to the community, Badboy! :)

Wedding picture? x)

Yay, Badboy made new friends!
Jiawen, can you see Milky over there? Heh :]]

Badboy loves her! Because she is soo pretty! :D

Uhh, that was like so old..
My stupid tootie face at the SailorMoon photoframe -.-

Sigh, the cutest photoframe ever ! :)

BadBoy thinks that she's the prettiest bear he've ever seen!

Cute cute cute clock! :)
I miss my old pink strawberry clock! :(

Just in case you were wondering how does my strawberry clock looks like..
Here it is :)

Hehs, and here's the bad boy mousepad that I bought today too..
I slotted all my neoprints in it! :)

Can you see Bubbles's leg from Powerpuff girls?
My laptop's squashing it.

So this is my room,
and welcome to the cute cute community BadBoy!
We'll all love you!

today i'm so goddamn depressed.
Because my name is listed under that fucking TAF club list.
My height isn't 148cm okay!
I'm 155cm!
They got it all wrong!

I shall go and cry to my new stufftoy/cushion, BadBoy now.

Though Britney spears acting like a slut now,
I still like her though!
She has got the greatest voice ever.
I was sooo crazy over her when I was primary 3.
Up to now,
I'm still her greatest fan! :)
I hope she can come back to her senses and continue her career..
All her fans are waiting for her! :D

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