Finally an update

Friday, April 27, 2007

Haha, my brother's sleeping now.
So please don't tell him I TOUCHED his computer.
He would definitely freak out as if I have got some sexually transmitted disease or something.

I miss my laptop.
I miss my MSN display picture.
I miss chatting.
I miss
I miss my tagboard.

Sigh, there're so many photos that I want to upload but I can't.
When exams's over, I promise I'll upload all the photos!

And regarding the previous post,
I wrote that out of anger only.
So, no offence.

I don't hate my family now :)

And thadsha,
you know that I'm always there for you okay! :D

And jiawen,
cheer up okay?
I believe that your hardwork will be recognised one day! :D

-hugs all my darlings-
I love them so much ! :D

Okay, I have to go now.
Miss me!!!!!!!!! ;D

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