Going for cute stuffs

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hello again!

I've just added some cute emoticons and pixels,
as you can see that cuteness are scattered everywhere on my site!

Hehe, yups.
I'm officially going for cute pixels and emoticons now.

I'm such a pink freak since I was primary 1.
I like anything that is pink in colour.

I still remember that I was crazy over Blossom (from ppg) because her powers were pink! (or red?)
Who cares,
pink is red,
red is pink!

There's no difference to me anyway.

Look at my desktop now!
For the first time, it is clickable!

Yeah, everything is pink except for the wallpaper.
I think clouds look nice with blue anyway.
It would look pretty weird with a pink background.

I don't think I will be changing to another layout for my site anymore,
seriously need a break from blogskins and everything.
Besides, my exams are coming!

I'm only left with a miserable one week to prepare for it.
Last night, I rushed through a layout for my class's blog.
Okay, I know it looks horrible,
but after the exams I'll make a better one I promise.

Anyway, I might be adding a new section " Beauty Tips " at the visitor's page.

By the way, can you guys please vote for my site?
Thank you! :D

Vote for my site at the Site*'s page
Click on the circle that says Site on top of this blog ( beside the couple who's kissing )

Once again,
love ya all!

But I love yrret more.

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