Loves that fall from the sky.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sigh, I've to upload them really small so as to fit my small box.
Beautiful sky, ugly people.

Umm, i don't mean the looks of course.
I'm talking about the inner soul.


Singaporean girls are pretty,
yes they do.

But they're ugly at the heart.
I'm half Singaporean only hor! :D

Blehs :P

I'm not talking about all the Singaporean girls of course.
Mostly of them are really sweet and nice.
But a majority of the singapore girls are twitos!
Ew? x/

And here's my first picture with badboy! :D
Heh, if hubby see this, he'll be jealous!

Blehs :p

I'm a stupid woman.

Ehh no,
a stupid girl.

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